Yuria (translated Julia in fan translation) is a character in Fire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu. She is the daughter of Alvis and Diadora, the twin sister of Yurius, and younger half-sister of Celice. During the second half of the game, Yuria is shown to have love for Celice prior to learning they are half-siblings. Sometime before the second generation begins, Yurius obtains the Loptous tome from Manfroy and is possessed, causing him to kill Diadora. Before her death, however, Diadora managed to warp Yuria to safety, at the cost of her gaining amnesia. Yuria was then found by Levn who cared for her until Celice met them after retaking Ganeishire, and Yuria joins Celice's army. She is later given either the tome Resire or Aura, by Celice, who picked it up for her. In the beginning of Chapter 10, Yuria is abducted by Manfroy, where she is taken to Chalphy Castle, has her memories restores, and meets shortly with her father Alvis, before Manfroy takes her away again. In the Final Chapter, after a short conversation with her brother Yurius, Manfroy brainwashes her to fight Celice, but is freed when Manfroy is slain and Celice talks to her. Levn then reveals that Alvis took the holy tome of Naga from Barhara and hid it in Velthomer, where it can only be unlocked by Diadora's circlet, which Alvis had given to Yuria prior to going to battle against Celice. After the war, she rules Grandbell alongside Celice.

Super Smash Sisters

Yuria is a playable magic user in SSS. She can use any type of magic (except dark). She also has the ability to call in Naga to assist her in a time of need. In her time, she develops feelings for her cousin Altenna and even her mother Diadora.

To Unlock

  • Win Tournament Mode with Ethlin and Diadora
  • 510 Matches

Win the match that follows for those 2.

  • Get her on your side in New Order.

Special Moves

  • B: Fire: Yuria moves her left hand back and shoots a ball of fire at her opponent.
  • B Side: Aura: Yuria swings her right arm up creating a pillar of light that is deadly near her. This light can blast her opponent sky high.
  • B Up: Rewarp: Yuria takes out a rewarp staff and moves herself to a determined location.
  • B Down: Thunder Cloud: Yuria brings her hands up then brings them down shooting a streak of lightning followed by more lightning streaks that can double the damage to the opponent.
  • Final Smash: Naga's Blessing: Yuria prays saying "Oh Naga. This is too much for me! we need your guidance!" then Naga appears in the form of a giant yellow dragon. Naga then moves his head back a bit and then shoots a giant beam of light at Yuria's opponent. After 5 seconds, the ligh stops and Naga leaves while Yuria says to the dragon "Now i can get my thing done without trouble."

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