Yoshishige Satake is one of the Area Warlords of Sengoku Basara. He is the successor to his father Yoshiaki. In history, he has a son named Yoshinobu who suceeded him for the rule of the Kubota region. Yoshishige fights with a spear on the side of the Toyotomi in SB3 against the Tokugawa army. Whenever he loses a base, he would send a number of big men to get it back. As soon as Satake is reached, Yoshishige will make an unusual introduction by bumping into the camera.

Super Smash Sisters Role

Yoshishige Satake appears as an NPC in SSS. He fights with his spear and uses his skills from SB3. Like in Sengoku Basara, when he is approached in battle, Satake will walk right into the camera during his introduction then regain his balance. He is a father figure to some of the minor girls. Like in SB3, he complains about his clumsiness. Unlike in SB3, in SSS, the Area Warlord's mouths do move in the manner the characters of SSBB.

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