He is one of the most formidable warriors dwelling in the streets of the prison island of Ritenkyo. He makes a living as a free-lancer bodyguard with his friend in crime, Haito Kanakura. His life changes when he meets a popular geisha, Namino. Wishing to have a better future together, Yaci promises to cease his life of crime and escape Ritenkyo with him. He starts by turning against his gang and killing its members. Knowing that one of them might kill Namino, he sets out to save his lover.

He overthrows the Razor Trio in his ending and reunites with his beloved. One of his comrades, bitter at Namino for "changing" his boss, hurls his sword at them. Namino takes the blow and an infuriated Yaci kills the assailant. Desperate to uphold his promise, he takes the wounded Namino to a boat on the shores of Ritenkyo. To his dismay, Namino dies shortly after they set sail.

Super Smash Sisters Role

Yaci is a non-playable character in SSS. He uses his saw blade Ochiyomi and can blind then cut his enemies. He can also use a projectile that poisons an opponent. At first he thought Lucia was his dead gay lover Namino but Lucia simply slapped him.

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