Wolf all of wolf's special moves are replaced including his final smash except his reflector stays the same Wolf Moveset:

B: Clamp ~ Wolf uses his razor sharp teeth and his strong jaws to catch his opponents in a vicelike grip. Move can be charged.

B>: Laser Cannon ~ Wolf pulls out a two-handed laser cannon and launches a large beam of energy. Move can be charged to increase size of beam.

B^: Darkness Wolf ~ A dark aura forms around Wolf, he flips upside down and launches himself upwards while doing a spinning kick.

Final Smash: Team Star Wolf ~ Wolf taps his headset twice and gives opponents a smirk. Wolfens begin to fly all over the screen and begin to attack the stage and the opponents on the screen  Wolf is free to run around the screen and use his attacks on opponents while they are busy trying to avoid the Wolfens

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