note sonic retains all his moves except his down special causes him to turn into the werehog. In this form sonic is more powerful but a bit slower he is also heavier and harder to knockout and he gains new attacks taunts and victory poses. also sonic's yellow costume makes him look like super sonic

Sonic the Werehog

Attack: 5/5

Speed: 3/5

Attack Speed: 4/5

Jump: 4/5

Reach: 4/5

Gravity: 4/5

Weight: 3/5

Traction: 3/5

Height: 4/5

Costumes Sonic's werehog form changes the colours of his fur based on his normal form. (To Select Sonic the Werehog you pick Sonic then click on Werehog

Default) Blue







WereSonic appears on the battlefield by pouncing.


Up: Tightens each fist then Howls at the sky/Moon.

Side: Shows his teeth while making a pose and says "Dont even try me"

Down: Werehog looks around while Chip comes out and gives him a high five.


Werehog slashes twice then turns around looking over his shoulder saying "how'd do you like that huh?"

Werehog lifts up his arms flexing them while saying "Yeah, I rule"

Werehog Runs on all fours in a circle, flips backwards then raises his arm while saying "(chuckles)oh yeah, thats right baby"


Werehog's howl is heard.


Crawling Claw Stretch Recover

due to his spiked shoes he doesn't slip on the ice


A: Slash.

A,A: Slash, Slash.

A, A, A: Slash, Slash then quickly turns around to Punch at the opponent.

Dash attack: Werehog tilts his body doing mulitple hits with his claws like luigi.


Up: Werehog lifts his hands up while the slash strike effect is shown.

Foward: Werehog slaps his hands together.

Down: Werehog handstands on his back then kicks foward with his feet.


Up: Werehog uppercuts his hand which is very powerful but slow.

Forward: Werehog slings both of his hands foward while stretched.

Down: Werehog Slams his hand while in a fist foward and then back on both sides.


OtherLedge Attack: Werehog slams one hand down.

100% Ledge Attack: Werehog slams both hands down.

Floor Attack: Werehog shoots his stretched hands in opposite directions.


Neutral A: Werehog slashes two small claws.

Forward A: Werehog holds both of his hand together moving foward in a kartwheel.

Up A: Werehog shoots his arms up like his is sbout to grab something.

Down A: Werehog flies down like a 'stall then fall' aerial with his stomach and claws impacting first.

Back A: Werehog uses his arms to swing backwards shooting his feet backward.


Grab: Werehog stretches out both hands. Can be used for tether recovery

Grab + A: Werehog slams the opponent into his fist.

Up Throw: Werehog can carry opponents like donkey kong and throw them like donkey kong

Side Throw: Werehog chucks the opponent with both hands and hops abit while doing so.

Back Throw: Werehog slams the opponent backward while not looking back then pushes them with a foot.

Down Throw: Werehog slams the opponent down a couple of times.

Special Moves

Neutral Special Move:Were Punch Description:This is a punch that stretches. It has a sort of sweet spot in that it's stronger the closer the werehog's fist is to his body. You can charge it up to increase the distance of the punch. The charging action is similar to that of Donkey Kong's Giant Punch. A fully charged punch stretches nearly 3 character lengths.

Side B: Were-Barrage. Works like marth's dolphin blade except you can attack nine times instead of four and you don't change color

Up Special Move:Dark Bat Ride Description:In Sonic Unleashed there were enemies called "Dark Bats" which the werehog used to cross chasms. So I thought, since the werehog has no spring pads and he can't use Spring Jump, I'd just use this. It's works exactly like Snake's Cypher move,

Down Special Move:Transform Description:Changes back into regular Sonic

Final Smash:Unleashed mode Werehog Unleashes a powerd up form by howling from the Dark Gaia Force werehog now takes half damage from attacks and doesn't flinch and all of his attacks do double damage. Last 15 seconds

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