A: Kick 2%

AA: Kick Again (same leg) 3%

AAA: Kick (other leg) 2%

A>: Punch 2-3%

side smash- whacks with a golf club baseball bat or racket. Baseball bat is most powerful

up smash- tosses a bomb in the air which immediately explodes

down smash- puts a sparky sticker on the ground. Similar to snakes down smash except it doesn't hurt waluigi and it causes electrical damage

up tilt kicks upward

down tilt kicks in both directions

side tilt hits with racket

Running A: Baseball Slide 2%

Aerial Attacks

A: Stretch: Puts legs and arms out hitting anyone near 2%

A^: Punches upward 2%

A>: Kick 3%

A<: Backwards Kick 4%

Av: Heel Drop 5%

can jump three times


standerd special- liar ball waluigi pulls out an eggplant and tosses it the farther the eggplant travels the bigger it becomes stops growing after traving distance equal to the length of final destination grows to size of a fully grown hothead always does 5 damage regardless of size with additional poison damage

side special- footstool stomp stomps enemies into the ground just like his assist trophy

up special- twist dunk how does he swim in the air doesn't matter move around while swimming in the air with the control stick lasts 3 seconds

down special- wall-luigi waluigi points in both directions and purple vines sprout on both sides of him then dissappear after 2 seconds can stop projectiles

final smash- dance dance waluigi waluigi begins to dance wildly Everyone but waluigi becomes stunned as if hit by a deku nut and the gravity becomes lighter enabling waluigi to knock out players with ease the opponents damage also builds up slowly

Z: Grab enemy. Waluigi has a tether grab in which he uses a piranha plant to grab his enemies can be used for tether recovery. Basically it works like link's clawshot

Z+A: Headbutt 1-2%

Z>: Throws enemy forward 2%

Z<: Like Mario's Z< but with more distance. 3%

Z^: Uppercut 4%

Zv: Jumps and steps on enemy. 5%


Attack: 2/5

Defense: 2/5

Speed: 3/5

Jump: 4/5

Gravity: 2/5

Weight: 2/5

Traction: 4/5


Item Expertise: waluigi use the star rod like sheik and the beam sword like captian falcon.

Super mushrooms shrink waluigi and poison mushroom make waluigi grow

when waluigi uses an explosive it has more explosive power

Entrance: Waluigi flies in like a boomerang

Symbol: upsidedown L

Taunt: up taunt- pulls out a rose and says wa-lu-igi

side taunt- Fondel's his stache

down taunt-poses in his upsidedown L shape

Victory Stance: Shouts "Waluigi is the Winner"

does his soccer taunt aka the crotch shot while saying ehh their all just jealous

grabs his stash and says too easy he he he he losers

wii mote entry

says lets go already

Victory Music: Wrecking Crew


soccer duds

red shirt blue pants

purple shirt black pants

green shirt blue pants

yellow shirt purple pants

black shirt black pants

blue shirt black pants

regular clothes

White Shirt and Purple Overalls

Red Shirt Black Overalls

Blue Shirt Black Overalls

Green Shirt Black Overalls

Black Shirt Purple Overalls

yellow shirt purple overalls

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