Super Smash Bros. Max
This page details the appearance of Waluigi solely in Super Smash Bros. Max. For information on this character as a whole, see Waluigi.


I'll be honest, it was hard creating a Smash Profile for Waluigi. He hasn't, to my knowledge, appeared in a game from the main Mario series, but from the games he has been in I was able to make this profile.


  • Can Crawl
  • Can Wall Jump
  • Side smash is the same as Peach's except the frying pan is replaced with his baseball bat from Super Mario Sluggers

Special Moves

  • Neutral Special Move: Waluigi Whirlwind

Description: Waluigi turns into a tornado. Much like Mario Tornado and Luigi Cyclone, except it has wind effect and sucks the opponent, dealing little damage, but he can't fly upwards by tapping the B button.

  • Side Special Move:Waluigi Cruiser

Description: Waluigi drives his cruiser. It's similar to the Wario Bike except that it's more powerful, the car can't turn as well and when the car is destroyed, 4 wheels can be used as throwing items. Only 1 car can appear on screen at a time.

  • Up Special Move: Super Jump Punch

Description: Similar to Luigi's except that Waluigi travels higher due to his lighter weight, but grants no horizontal recovery at all.

  • Down Special Move: Kick Stomp

Description: This what he does as an assist trophy with his feet. Waluigi kicks an opponent hard enough to bury them. He then kicks them 4 times and the last kick is powerful enough to dislodge them and send them flying.

  • Final Smash: Power Piledriver Finish

Description: Waluigi pauses for a brief moment, then stomps the opponent, if success, he then pummels with several attacks, finishing off with a Bob-omb.

Snake Codec Message

Snake:"Will someone please tell me who that is?"

Colonel:"That's Waluigi, the Anti-Luigi. Just like Wario is the Anti-Mario."

Snake:"Is he Wario's brother, like Luigi is Mario's brother?"

Colonel:"Allegedly, though they are partners. Waluigi is quite handy eith items such as baseball bats, tennis rackets and golf clubs. He also seems to have a green thumb as he often grows Piranha Plant."

Snake:"Piranha Plants? Huh, sounds nasty. I'll be sure to be careful."

Fighting against Waluigi

Waluigi has no projectile attacks, so use that to your advantage and keep your distance, chipping away at Waluigi with projectiles. If you don't have a projectile, use the "Smash-n-Dash" as Waluigi is usually quick to react. His best move, the Waluigi Cruiser, is powerful but not as effective in a turn as say Wario's Wario Bike. If Waluigi falls out of his car, keep him away from it at all costs, but try to keep it onscreen as long as possible as he can't manifest another one as long as there's one onstage. By the way, the car is so heavy, only the biggest characters can lift it.

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