Special moves

  • standard special: Slingshot, fires a rock from a slingshot. aimable, weak damage, causes flinch. Golden Upgrade: it fires 3 rocks.
  • Up special: balloon, uses a ballon and slowly ascends, lasts five seconds before deflating. If the special button is pressed it will pop, causing moderate damage to nearby foes. golden upgrade: rises faster and lasts longer.
  • Side special: Net, swiings a net, causing light damge to foes near the net. If someone is "caught" by the net they will take heavy damge and be stunned. Golden Upgrade:the net is wider
  • Down special: shovel, the villager uses the shovel to flick dirt at a nearby enemy, burying them. The villager may sometimes find an item. golden Upgrade: Increases chances of finding items.
  • Final Smash: golden upgrade, all the villagers tools turn golden, lasts for 15 seconds. see they golden upgrade section for details.

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