Viewtiful Joe

Viewtiful Joe is a character in Super Smash Bros. Skirmish.


Viewtiful Joe is the main character of the Viewtiful Joe series, who is voiced by Dee Bradley Baker in his games, and by Jason Palmer in the animated series. He is originally just a movie fanatic that idolizes Captain Blue, his favorite movie character. One day while watching a movie with his girlfriend, Silvia, a shadowy figure defeats Captain Blue and reaches from the screen to pull Silvia into it. Captain Blue's robot, Six Majin, is punched out of the movie by the figure, and it takes Joe back with it. Joe is confronted by Captain Blue, who gives him a V-Watch. This allows him to transform into his alter ego, Viewtiful Joe, whenever Joe says the word "henshin". Joe obtains the name from his rival, Stylish Alastor, after he exclaims "Viewtiful!" at the sight of Joe's fighting skills.

Viewtiful Joe has the power to slow down the movie, speed it up, and to zoom into the picture, much like camera effects seen in movies. At first, he is only able to use his powers in movies; however in Viewtiful Joe 2, he demonstrated, when in the real world, that his V-Watch will respond when in front of an audience, enabling him to transform out of the movie. His inability is again apparent in Viewtiful Joe: Double Trouble when he attempts to transform with nobody around; this is solved when Silvia points her special camcorder, The V-Cam, at Joe. Joe's arsenal also includes Voomerangs, a boomerang-like blade weapon thrown from Joe's helmet; and Shocking Pink, which is a short fused bomb. To turn into his Viewtiful form, he shouts the phrase "Henshin a go-go, baby!".


Joe is balanced in offence and defence, but isn't very fast, and can jump very high. You might need another fairly balanced character in offence and defence, who can jump fairly high and is floaty, or someone who is fast.


Entrance: He walks in and says "Henshin a go-go, baby!" and transforms into Viewtiful Joe.

Up Taunt: Jumps in the air and says "Let's get it on!"

Side Taunt: He strikes a pose and Silvia says from the background "Just go for it!".

Down Taunt: He does a front flip in Slow-Motion.

Win 1: Same as Up Taunt.

Win 2: A display comes up on the screen like the one shown in Viewtiful Joe after you finish a fight.

Win 3: Joe jumps in the air in Slow-motion and kicks twice, then lands in a pose.


Up Smash: Kicks into the air twice.

Side Smash: Punches five times very rapidly.

Down Smash: Roundhouse Kick

Up Special: I can't think of a name

Description: Joe spins up in the air, damaging anything that touches him. Like Wario's Corkscrew, only it knocks enemies away more powerfully instead of taking them in.

Side Special: Voomerang.

Description: Joe grabs the crest off his helmet, and throws it like a boomerang. Like Link's Boomerang, only further range.

Down Special: Red Hot Kick.

Description: Joe kicks across the stage, if in the air, goes downwards on an angle. Like Captain Falcon's Falcon Kick, only slower and more powerful.

Final Smash: Zoom In

Description: The screen zooms in on Joe and the boundaries are changed slightly. Joe's moves all change to more powerful versions, like the Voomerang changes to the Voomerang X, etc, etc.

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