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Vegeta is a playable character in the game"Super smash bros. arena".He is a starter character.



S=galick gun

Super Saiyan Vegeta

>S=ki blast

VS=explosive wave

/\S=dirty fireworks

VS(air)=explosive wave



V(grab)=ground throw


Final Smash=super saiyan

Super Saiyan Goku's Final Smash=final flash

Vegeta's extra Costume

Costumes and colors

Normal Costume:

Normal:dark blue outfit,white gloves and shoes

Red:red outfit,orange gloves and shoes

Blue:purple outfit,dark blue gloves and shoes

Green:yellow outfit,lima green gloves and shoes

Extra Costume:

normal:blue outfit,white gloves and shoes,white armor,red scouter

Red:red outfit,orange gloves and shoes,crimson armor,pink scouter

Blue:purple outfit,dark blue gloves and shoes,navy blue armor,light blue scouter

Green:yellow outfit,lima green gloves and shoes,dark green armor,light green scouter

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