Ujimasa Hojo is the head of the Hojo clan after is father, Ujiyasu had died. He remains in his castle during battles where he is invaded. In Sengoku Basara 2, he gains an ally in the form of a silent ninja, Kotaro Fuma. In SB3, he is left powerless to stop the war between Tokugawa and the Toyotomi loyalists (led by Mitsunari Ishida) and sends Kotaro to bring glory back to the Hojo.

Super Smash Sisters Role

Ujimasa Hojo is an elderly NPC warlord in SSS. He uses his antler spear from the SB series and can use his skills. He gains a floor projectile which involves him planting his spear then bringing it out sending a wave of ice to the enemy. Unlike Kotaro, Ujimasa is weak but fast enough to help out. In some cutscenes, he has gets scared when he sees a woman naked in bed with another woman.

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