ty the tasmanian tiger


type of damage depends on rang held

zoomerang and multirang normal damage

flamerang- fire damage

frostyrang- ice damage

zappyrang- electrical damage


A- quick slash

A,A- Quick left slash,followed by right slash

A,A,A- Quick left slash, right slash, uppecut

tilts up tilt- uppercut

down tilt- rang swipe

dash attack- think luigi but with boomerangs


neutral aerial- spins with rangs extended

down aerial- does a diving bite. Metor smash

forward aerial- forward bite

backward aerial- spin kick

up aerial- slashes upward with rang


side smash- think link but with boomerangs

up smash- think metaknight but with boomerangs

down smash- think game and watch but with boomerangs instead of hammers


standard special: rang throw- throws his boomerang.keep pressing to continue throwing rangs all rangs return to ty regardless of where there thrown

down special: rang switch- randomly switches between five different rangs

rang types flamerang- can be thrown half the length of final destination does. 5% of fire damage

frostyrang- can be thrown half the length of final destination. Does 5% of ice damage may freeze foe

zappyrang- can be thrown half the length of final destination does 3% of electrical damage

multirang- can be thrown one third the length of final destination can be thrown multiple times each rang does 2% damage but doesn't stun the foe

zoomerang- can be thrown the full length of final destination- does 10 damage and slightly homes in on foes. Takes 5 seconds to each rang to return

side special: super chomp- bites the air in front of him does 5% damage. Hold to charge bite and release to fly forward. Fully charged when ty glows blue. Does 10% damage. Homes in on enemies . Takes 5 seconds to fully charge.

up special: lasharang- ty throws his lasharang upwards at a 45 degree angle. Works likes olimar's pikmin chain but always has the length of 6 pikmin

final smash: bunyip power. Ty absorbs the power of the bunyip to attack his foes. He can still take damage but will not flinch. Pressing the attack button will do a hammer smash. Pressing the special button will do a roar that throws foes back. Similar to wispy's wind but does 10% damage


Attack: 3/5

Speed: 3/5 Attack

Speed: 4/5

Jump: 4/5

Reach: 4/5

Gravity: 3/5

Weight: 3/5

Traction: 3/5

Height: 3/5


yellow orange fur, red pants normal

orange fur, blue pants white fur,

green pants

sly costume


up taunt- scratchs himself with rang

side taunt- growls and bites

down taunt- spins rangs

victory poses 1- spins rangs then lets go of them accidently

2- gives a thumbs up and says good on ya mate

3- think when ty collects a thunder egg


grab button- uses his lasharang to grab foes works like link's clawshot and can be used to tether recover

A attack- bites foe

up throw- uppercut

down throw- slams the foe headfirst into the ground

forward throw- throws foe with lasharang like a whip

backward throw- same a forward throw but done backwards

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