Trion is a boss in Max's adventure mode. He is related to Duon. His appearance is similar to Duon, except Trion has only one upper body. His right hand is the sword-like appendage that Duon's blue upper body has and his left is the cannon of Duon's white upper body. Trion's upper body is colored black, but his head has three faces, which is how he gets his name.

Fighting Tactics

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Until I can create an image of Trion, please enjoy this Duon image

Trion's fighting tactics are similar to Duon's except for one detail. Each of Trion's faces is a different color, red, yellow and blue. The head rotates so that any of Trion's faces can be facing forward(no pun intended). Each color face uses a different kind of attack. The red face uses fire in it's attacks. The yellow face uses electricity and the blue face uses ice.

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