Toshiie is Katsuie's young protege who aspires to live up to his mentor's reputation. To try to impress Katsuie, he enlists himself into Hideyoshi's troops. While they're dealing with the Mori and Chosokabe clans, they hear news of Nobunaga's death at Honnoji. Though Toshiie is eager to return at once, Hideyoshi calmly stays put to finish their conflict at hand. Hearing this, Toshiie accuses him of being heartless and can't find himself to condone Hideyoshi's actions. In response, Hideyoshi beats Toshiie and gravely tells him to not look away from reality.

Once he hears Hideyoshi will soon face Katsuie in the battle, Toshiie rides alone to Katsuie's castle and despairingly pleads to join his idol. The old man refuses, saying that his time is already over, and the young man returns to the opposing side. Once Katsuie loses the battle and his castle is set on flames, Toshiie is finally faced with the grim reality of his profession. He vents his anger and sadness on an empathetic Hideyoshi by pummeling him with his fists. Whilst doing so, Toshiie makes an oath to keep an eye on his lord so that the lives lost for Hideyoshi's goal would not be in vain.

In his dream stage, Toshiie is tested by Nobunaga and Katsuie to demonstrate his leadership in a tournament of champions. His adviser is Kanetsugu and he instructs Toshiie to create a strong army before they invade Noabunaga's castle. The climax of the event is a duel with Katsuie.

While he lacks a personal story in Samurai Warriors 3, he plays an important role at early battles in Keiji's story and appears in certain Oda and Hashiba battles, such as Okehazama and Komaki-Nagakute.

Role in Super Smash Sisters

Toshiie Maeda wearing his Samurai Warriors 3 uniform appears in SSS as a non-playable helper character. He can use his sword for main combat in battle and when sometimes using his specials, uses his spears.

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