Tiger is a wolf-like creature that first appeared in Monster Rancher 1 as one of the first breeds that players can raise. This creature mostly uses speed in their attacks.

Character Information
Gender Male
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Special Abilities

Tiger has no special abilities

Special Moves

  • Nuetral Special Move: Horn Rush

Description: Tiger will dash at any foe infront of him with his horns aimed at them.

  • Side Special Move: Lightning Surge

Description: Tiger will let out a surge of electrical energy from his horns at his foes.

  • Up Special Move: Lightning Bolt

Description: Tiger summons down a lightning bolts surrounding himself to knock away any foes around him that will launch them flying.

  • Down Special Move: Ice Breath

Description: Tiger breaths out a icy gust from his mouth at his foes.

  • Final Smash: Burst Fang

Description: Tiger generates energy around himself in a drill-like form that he charges at his foes with enough force to send his foes flying.

Role in Subspace Chronicles

Tiger first appears in the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Trinity: Subspace Chronicles, Subspace Chronicles, he appears in Monster Island where he is fighting off groups of Primids while he was being watched by Blackbeard.

Trophy Description


Tiger is a wolf-like creature that be trained in the Monster Rancher series and appeared in all of the Monster Rancher games, it is very popular for its speed based attacks that include launching lightning from its horns and breathing ice and wind from its mouth. It looks vicious but it can be raised to be a loyal monster to its master.


  • The English name tiger is actually a mistranslation of the Japanese word raiga ("the thunder fang"), referencing the Rygar video game series.

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