Super Smash Bros.: The Primid Wars- Written by Twilightwizard0309


“The Subspace Army. An army of artificial creatures with one purpose: to engulf the world into Subspace. Under the command of Master Hand, The Ancient Minister, Ganondorf, Bowser, and Wario, the army preformed various deeds to complete their mission including: capturing Meta Knight’s Battleship, the Halbred, sucking bits and pieces of entire continents into Subspace, and turning fighters into trophies. But it turns out, Master Hand wasn’t quite himself. He was under the control of Tabuu, an entity of Subspace, who wanted to take control of the real world. He had the power of a god in the Subspace realm, but alas, was defeated by all of the fighters, and the Subspace Army was destroyed. However”…

… “Get on with it Ganondorf!” exclaimed Bowser. “We know all this already, so if you have a point then hurry up and get to it!” “SIT BACK IN YOUR CHAIR, NAIVE!” cried Zant; astonished, angered and disgusted at the fact that anyone would rise up to the Great King of Evil. “No one barks at the master in that tone!” “NO! You sit in your chair before I show you the true meaning of pain!” said Bowser outraged at the fact that anyone would rise up to himself, the Great Koopa King. “ENOUGH!” hollered Ashnard. “Ganondorf obviously has a point that he’s trying to get to, Bowser, so perhaps if you had patience, he could get to it.” “Thank you, Ashnard.” said Ganondorf. “Now as I was saying, our attempts to conquer kingdoms, control nations, or establish empires have all been thwarted in the past by heroes. I am certain that even if we band together, they would find some flaw or weakness and destroy us. So, that is exactly what we shall do.” “I ain’t following here, Ganondorf.” said Bowser. “Why should we even be here if you’re certain we’ll lose?” “When the Subspace Army first attacked, the heroes were overwhelmed. If we manage to rebuild the army, and combine it with the rest of our forces, we shall have a powerful force even the heroes cannot stop.” “So, what’s in it for us?” asked Wario. “Yeah, what do we get outta this?” asked Waluigi. “Power, glory, control of entire worlds, of coarse.” said Zant. “What more could you want?” “Team Star Wolf doesn’t work for power and all that stuff.” said Wolf. “You don’t get Star Wolf’s help unless we get money or valuable riches or jewels.” “US NEITHER!” said Wario and Waluigi. “Let me put this into terms you primitive life-forms can understand.” said Ridley, leader of the Space Pirates. “Once we have control of the universe, you would be able to control its wealth. All of it! It would have no limits!” “You’ve convinced Star Wolf to lend you our aid.” said Wolf. “US TOO!” said Wario and Waluigi, with dollar signs in their eyes. “You’ll get Team Rocket’s help too!” said Jesse, James, and Meowth. “We’ll all try to contain our excitement.” said Zant. “So, Ganondorf,” said Black Shadow. “Do you have a plan to resurrect the ‘Dreaded Subspace Army’?” Ganondorf ignored the comment. “First we must locate and rebuild the Halbred. It was shot down and pieces of it sank into the river when the heroes assaulted Subspace. It was outfitted with devices that manufactured Primids and other Subspace creatures…”

“Then you are going to need my help.” said a voice. Everyone turned to see Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic standing in the doorway. Dr. Eggman continued. “Rebuilding a ship that massive could take years, but with my genius intellect and my resources, that could only take weeks… two months at the most.” “How did you find this place?” asked Black Shadow.“More importantly,” said Ganondorf “How are you aware of the events of the Subspace Invasion?” “Because my nemesis, Sonic the Hedgehog, was battling the Subspace Army. I had sent Metal Sonic to capture him only to find that Sonic was battling the Primid creatures. I ordered Metal Sonic to capture one and bring it back to my headquarters for me to study. It was remarkable! Truly astonishing! I discovered that the body was just a vessel for a biological organic substance that had truly alien properties. They served a master but insufficient data led me to mark the leader down as ‘unknown’, and before I could investigate this mysterious leader, the creature and its inner substance dissolved, and my work was left unfinished.” “And what would you like in return for your services?” asked Ganondorf. “Just a permanent membership in this little ‘scout troop’.” said Dr. Eggman. “Share of the command, the power, and the control.” “Hmmm …” thought King Dedede. “Seems reasonable. After all, he is after what we all are after as well isn’t he? What do you think Ganondorf?” “I agree.” Ganondorf held out his hand and shook the Dr.’s. “Welcome Mr. …?” “Eggman. Dr. Eggman… at your service.” Dr. Eggman said as he bowed in respect. “Indeed.” said Ganondorf, unimpressed. “Now, Wolf, prepare your team. You will take your ships and dive for the Halbred…” “Whoa, whoa, whoa there Ganondorf.” said Wolf. “Take it easy for a sec. The Wolfens can’t dive underwater …” “I believe I can fix that!” said Dr. Eggman. “Just give me a week and I think I can convert you ships into an optional submarine mode.” “Excellent.” said Ganondorf. “Anyone in command of sea creatures must send them down in search of the Halbred. We shall meet again in two months. This meeting is dismissed.”

And so, the villains left, unaware that there was a spy in their midst. Or were they? “Metal Sonic, why are you lagging behind?” asked Dr. Eggman. “My sensors detect a life form inside the ventilation system.” said Metal Sonic. “It’s probably just a rat. This place is crawling with them.” Dr. Eggman left. Metal Sonic was about to follow but he wasn’t quite convinced. He left the room. The ventilation shaft fell from the wall, but something caught it and put it down gently. “Deactivate camouflage.” All of a sudden, a man appeared out of no where. He pressed a few buttons on his wrist and said “Colonel, this is Solid Snake. I’ve recorded the entire conversation and I’m proceeding to transmit it to Otacon now.” “Great job, Snake.” said Colonel Roy Campbell. Snake prepared to leave when he heard a voice from behind. “Going somewhere, human?” Snake turned to face Metal Sonic. “You are not going to transmit anything so long as my radio-wave dampers are activated. You are not leaving this base either.” “I have plenty of explosives that say other-wise.” said Snake. Snake pulled out a grenade and through it at Metal Sonic. But Metal Sonic was too fast and easily dodged it. He charged at Snake and struck him. Snake flew into a wall. Realizing he had to leave quickly, he spoke into his watch “I’ve been detected, bring me aboard.” Snake then teleports out of site. Metal Sonic watched as he teleported away. “Accursed spy.” he said. “He did not even put up much of a fight.” He then ran to inform Dr. Eggman the news.

The Expedition

R.O.B. looked into the sky, where the Isle of Ancients once floated. Then he looked away in shame. “Why couldn’t I protect them?” he said to himself out loud. He looked through his memory files and imagined he was back on the Isle of Ancients with his fellow robot sentries around him, living in peace. Then came the day the Subspace Army attacked. Led by Ganondorf and Bowser, who were unknowingly under the influence of Tabuu, they took control of the Isle, and forced the robots to use their advanced technology to create the Subspace Bombs, which were weapons used to engulf the world into Subspace. But these were just used as a front while the ultimate weapon, the Subspace Canon was being developed. When it was fully operational, the Subspace Army had no more use for the Isle, and they also needed a Subspace Entry large enough for the canon to fit through. So, Ganondorf commanded all of the robots to activate every Subspace Bomb. And now, after so many bombs went of in one place, after Tabuu was defeated, the Isle of Ancients could not be brought back from Subspace. There it remains, for eternity. Mr. Game & Watch stayed with R.O.B. after Tabuu’s defeat, the companions have remained together in the jungles since. Suddenly, R.O.B. heard a loud noise. He looked into the sky to see Star Wolf’s Wolfens dive down into the ocean.

“Submarine Mode” said Wolf. The new voice command option on his Wolfen responded and the Wolfen transformed into what resembled a miniature one-man submarine. Wolf wasn’t comfortable with someone ‘working’ on his ship that he wasn’t familiar with, and he didn’t know much about this “Dr. Eggman” and didn’t trust him. He’d usually suspect the person who worked on it of sabotage. The only person he could trust to work on his ship was himself. But, Ganondorf had insisted on it, so, Wolf and his team had to comply. The ships dived into the deep sea. They were surrounded by Cheep Cheeps, Bloopers, and Octorocks sent by Bowser and Ganondorf to aid them in their search. “Leon, Panther, report. Do you see anything?” asked Wolf. “There is nothing on my end.” said Panther. “But then again, it’s so dark down here, I can’t see anything.” Leon’s keen reptilian eyes scanned the surface. He was used to dark, murky waters, but these waters were a little too dark and too murky. He spotted the wreckage of the Halbred, and saw black, murky stuff rising from the ship and polluting the water. “I see it, but weird black stuff is coming out.” said Leon. “Then that will get in the way.” said Wolf. “Wolf, this is Dr. Eggman. Is the submarine mode working okay?” asked Dr. Eggman through Wolf’s speaker. “Yeah.” said Wolf. “We’ve already found the Halbred, but black stuff is rising from the ship.” “I had anticipated this, and equipped your ships with nets for carrying pieces of the wreckage without anything rising out that could be used for study. Just press the ‘nets’ button.” Wolf frowned. Yet another ‘upgrade’, and one he didn’t even know about! When this was over, Wolf was going to have a long chat with Dr. Eggman about privacy. “I’m sending Metal Sonic to guide you to my secret ocean base. From there, I’ll get to work on the Halbred.” said Eggman. Star Wolf fired their new nets. Shortly after that, Metal Sonic raced through the waters towards the team. He motioned the team to follow him, and they complied.

Back on the surface, R.O.B. was puzzled. The ships matched the description of the Wolfens, ships used by team Star Wolf, and the ship Wolf used to escape Fox after the Subspace Army was first defeated. So why would they be diving into the ocean? The only thing down there was the wreckage of the Halbred. Unless… WHAM! His thoughts were interrupted by a blow from King Dedede and his massive hammer! R.O.B. flew through the trees and forests. He fell and tumbled into a massive tree. “Oh, my gears and starters!” said R.O.B. in a great deal of pain. “Heh, heh heh heh!” laughed King Dedede. “You’ll be a useful to the new Subspace Army, with your knowledge of advanced technology!” Behind him, Mr. Game & Watch took out a two-dimensional turtle, (one of the odd weapons in his arsenal) and smacked Dedede in the back of the head. The impact of the flat turtle knocked King Dedede out and he fell to the ground. Suddenly, Mr. Game & Watch felt himself rising in the air. He beeped loud in fright while he was thrown into a tree. “Shadow Bugs make up the substance of Mr. Game & Watch’s body!” yelled Bowser to King Dedede. “Get up and capture him as well!” From a distance, R.O.B. blasted Bowser with twin laser blasts from its eyes. “This is taking too long.” said King Dedede. He blew whistle and his Waddle Dee followers came in all directions. “Come my Waddle Dee followers! Let’s round this up quickly, and leave no trace of ourselves behind!” They trampled and overwhelmed R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch then they erased all trace of themselves and vanished. “Excellent work.” said Bowser. “Let’s inform Ganondorf before we take them to Dr. Eggman. I don’t trust that guy.” King Dedede pressed some buttons on his wrist watch then spoke into it. “Ganondorf, we’ve captured R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch. What should we do to them?” “Take them to Dr. Eggman and explain the situation. Then stay with them and observe the Dr.’s progress with them and the Halbred.” “Understood.” replied Bowser.


Many weeks passed. Dr. Eggman, Bowser, and King Dedede reported their progress to Ganondorf. “The Halbred repairs are complete,” said Dr. Eggman. “And thanks to R.O.B.’s memory database giving details of his people’s advanced technology and Mr. Game and Watch’s body mass, I was able to complete construction of my massive Primid creation chamber.” “Excellent.” said Ganondorf. “Begin production at once.” He then configured the broadcasting system to all villains. “Attention all villains: the Primid production chamber has been complete. Please report to base for a briefing before we attack with the massive invasion force.”

Eventually, everyone arrived at the base. “This is the plan.” said Ganondorf. “Dr. Eggman has already begun a massive production of the Primids. Once production is finished we will attack the following locations: The Mushroom Kingdom, DK Island, The Kingdom of Hyrule, Dreamland, Corneria, The United Federation Base, Mute City, Skyworld, Crimea, Altea, and The Green Hill Zone. Any fighters that get in the way are to be turned into trophies and delivered to Porky. Some other locations we could set up bases are Icicle Mountain and the Planet of the Pikmin. I have also planned an eventual attack on Spear Pillar; however that place, along with the three other previously mentioned locations won’t be attacked until later. The full scale invasion begins in two hours. Prepare your armies for first strike.”

A Hocate delivery ship lands in the jungles outside the enemy base. Olimar and Louie step out of the ship. “This looks nothing at all like the planet we were assigned to.” said Olimar. “That’s what is says on the map.” said Louie. Olimar took the map from Louie. “Louie, you were holding the map upside down!” shouted Olimar angrily. “Now we’re lost, and we have no idea where we are!” Olimar looked around. “Hey, I know where we are! We’re in the jungles outside the Isle of Ancients. Olimar looked down from the cliff they were standing on and saw the villains’ base. “Hey, I don’t remember that being there.” he said. “Maybe we should just leave it alone and go.” said Louie. Suddenly, a helicopter landed next to Olimar’s ship. Out walked Solid Snake, The Ice Climbers named Popo and Nana and two other men that Olimar didn’t recognize. Solid Snake and the men walked toward the two. “Nice to see you again, Olimar.” said Snake. “It’s a great pleasure to see you again, Mr. Snake.” said Olimar. “Who’s your friend?” asked Snake. “I’m Louie. Olimar has told me lot’s about you.” said Louie. Solid Snake motioned to the two men beside him. “These guys are Saki and Little Mac. Saki is a hero from the future that somehow was transported to our time and Little Mac is a boxer who has some pretty powerful moves so he was picked up by me as well for this mission. And of coarse you remember the legendary Ice Climbers” “Nice to meet you.” said Louie. “So, do you know what’s happening on that island?” asked Olimar. “That’s the island base of the new Subspace Army.” said Snake. “The ‘new’ army? I thought that all Subspace creatures were obliterated when we all destroyed Tabuu.” said Olimar. “Lots of villains have come together and have developed a new Primid production facility.” said Saki. “We’re here to see if we can take them out. If not, we could have a war on our hands that the world is not prepared to handle.” “We’ll have to infiltrate them from the inside.” said Snake. “Listen closely, because I have a plan.” …

Later Olimar and Snake were sneaking through the ventilation shafts of the base. They saw Primids as well as other troops including Koopa Troopas, Waddle Dees, and Bokoblins guarding various sections of the base. “How much farther is the science bay, Otacon?” asked Snake into his communicator. “About ten meters ahead. Then turn left.” They found the science bay, and sneaked inside. “Oh, no!” said Olimar. There was R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch, who were being held prisoners. Suddenly an alarm ran. “Attention all villains,” said Ganondorf’s voice as it ran over the speaker. “Prepare your armies for first strike!” Dr. Eggman and Porky left to prepare their armies. As soon as they left, Olimar and Snake jumped out of the shafts. “We’re too late!” said Olimar. “We can still hinder their experiments by freeing R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch!” said Snake, as he began unhooking R.O.B. from a giant machine. Olimar sent his Pikmin to undo a giant capsule that contained Mr. Game & Watch’s trophy and brought him back to life. “Where… where are we?” asked R.O.B. “The last thing I remember was Bowser and King Dedede ambushing us in the woods and…” “No time to explain!” said Snake. “Follow us!” They all ran toward the exit. “Attention, intruders detected within the base. Lock down all security doors.” said a computer generated voice of the automated security system. A door closed in the hallway behind them. Then throughout the rest of the forward hallway lots of doors shut before their eyes. They were trapped!

Louie, Saki, and Little Mac had been discovered. They were now fighting thousands of Primids for their lives. Louie took shelter behind a crate, but Saki, Little Mac, and the Ice Climbers were out fighting. Saki fired shots from his canon. The Primids fell off the bridge one by one. Some Primids came charging at Little Mac. They were all on top of Mac, but he managed to knock them all away with one titan like blow. The Ice Climbers jumped onto the walls of the fortress and froze some of the Primids there. Saki pressed a button on his com link and spoke into it. “Snake, we’ve been caught! We’re completely pinned down. You need to hurry!” …

Snake replied into his com link from the inside of the base. “Hang on. We’ve managed to rescue two old friends of mine, but we’ve been locked down inside the base. It will take us a while to blow our way out …” “Oh, no need to blow your way out. You’re going to die right where you stand.” Everyone turned to see Black Shadow and Blood Falcon with a bunch of Primid troops behind them. “Heh, heh, heh. I must say, not much of a rescue attempt. Who knew you fools would get in the way before the invasion even began?” “So this is an invasion!” exclaimed Snake. “Of coarse it is! Now, don’t tell me, you’re Solid Snake, the legendary solider of fortune. And you’re Captain Olimar, the space explorer that discovered the Planet of the Pikmin. It’s an honor meet you. And to stand over your graves.” “What makes you think you can?” “Simple. Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘there’s strength in numbers’?” he said, gesturing toward Blood Falcon and the Primids. Snake was about to say something but R.O.B. tapped him on the shoulder. “I’ll handle this, Snake.” he said. R.O.B.’s eyes began to glow red. “DIFFUSION BEAM!” he cried and a large circular cone shaped beam shot from his eyes. Black Shadow and Blood Falcon jumped out of the way in time, but the Primids were knocked away by the blast into the wall. The hole in the wall led outside, so everyone ran out. Black Shadow and Blood Falcon followed. “Stop them!” said Blood Falcon. “Don’t let them escape!” “Time to go, Otacon.” said Snake. Snake’s helicopter flew down and picked the seven heroes up. Then, it flew away, dodging blaster fire. “They’ve escaped master.” said Blood Falcon. “Shall I commence with a pursuit?” “No, no.” said Black Shadow. “We’ve gotten what we required from R.O.B. and Mr. Game & Watch. Besides, there is no way they shall be able to warn all their friends in time.” Then they returned and prepared their armies like the rest of the villains. Then, the ultimate assault fleet went off in different directions. The invasion has begun. Olimar looked out the window of Snake’s helicopter. “We were too late.” he said to himself, sadly.

The Invasion

It was another lovely day in the Mushroom Kingdom. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Daisy had all been invited to Princess Peach’s castle for tea. They all sat down and began to enjoy Toadsworth’s excellent brew. But then, the sky grew dark. Screams were heard form outside. Mario, Luigi, Peach, and Daisy looked to see Bowser’s Airship Fleet. But, the fleet included several other, more advanced ships. They fired laser blasts at the kingdom. The town’s folk ran for cover. On the ground, Bowser led and army of Goombas and Koopa Troopas mixed with Primids towards Peach’s Castle. Suddenly, he stopped. “Princess Peach,” Bowser said. “This is your final stand. Step down and surrender now, or I shall wipe the Mushroom Kingdom off the map.” Bowser Jr. stood at his father’s side. Wario and Waluigi also stood with him. “What should we do Mario?” asked Peach. “We can’t just surrender! We can fight! We’ve beaten Bowser before!” said Mario. “Bowser has never threatened the entire Kingdom before. And look, he has a combined army of his normal foot soldiers, and Primids!” “You are right.” said Mario. Mario and Peach stepped up to Bowser, followed by Luigi and Daisy. “We surrender, Bowser.” said Peach. “Good.” said Bowser. “Wario, Waluigi, open fire!” exclaimed Bowser. Wario and Waluigi took two large trophy canons and fired. All four heroes were turned into trophies. “Mwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Bowser laughed. “Finally, after all these long years, I’ve defeated you, Mario!” Bowser turned to Wario and Waluigi. “You two take these trophies to my airship.” he said. “What about the treasure?” asked Wario, impatient to get his hands on Princess Peach’s gold. “You’ll get your gold when I say, now, TAKE THE TROPHIES TO MY AIRSHIP!” shouted Bowser.

Waluigi drove the trophy cart towards Bowser’s airship. Wario drove behind on his motorcycle. A green blur suddenly whizzed onto the trophy cart and snatched the Luigi trophy away. It was Yoshi! He brought Luigi back to life. Luigi woke with a fright. “Yeow! What hit me?” he said. Luigi looked to see Wario staring at him angrily. “Yikes! It’s Wario!” Luigi jumped to his feet. “You’re not going anywhere, losers!” said Wario. “You take these guys out and bring them back to the airship. I’ll take these guys with me so no more get rescued!” said Waluigi. Waluigi then drove off. “Alright, losers. What do you want said on your grave stones?” asked Wario. Luigi jumped on Yoshi’s back. “Run Yoshi! We’ll have to come back for the others!” Yoshi sprinted away. But Wario followed him on his bike. Wario was ganging up quickly behind, his hand outstretched to grab Luigi. They entered a forest. Yoshi jumped over a lake. Wario couldn’t stop in time, and ran headlong into the water. Wario floated back towards the surface. “That was my favorite bike!” he said. “YOU’RE DEAD! YOU HEAR ME, LUIGI? WHEN I FIND YOU, YOU’RE DEAD”!! Luigi heard his threat and shuddered as he and Yoshi ran deeper into the forest.

King K. Rool had done it. He had finally won. The jungles were all on fire, animals fled from the smoke, and all of the Kong’s homes had been destroyed. Donkey Kong wiped away a tear in his eye as he saw the carnage. Then, he bellowed with rage, and pounded his chest. “You’re just going to stand there and yell?” shouted and angry voice. Donkey Kong turned to see Cranky Kong. “Why, back in my day, I would have taken care of these hooligans and still have enough time to whisk off a maiden!” “Cranky, this is not the time for your stories! You need to get to safety with everyone else!” “Don’t you tell me what I should and should not do! I…” “Attention future prisoners!” shouted a voice. It was King K. Rool. “Surrender now and I may let you live and stop destroying what remains of this forest. Or, keep running until all of your hiding places have burned to the ground!” Donkey Kong turned to Funky Kong and Diddy and Dixie Kong. “You guys are in charge now. Protect the family! Keep Cranky and Tiny Kong out of trouble, make sure Candy Kong is safe, and remind Swanky Kong that he owes me 12 bananas!” “What about you?” asked Diddy Kong. “I’m going to see if I can buy you some more time.” “WHAT? Are you kidding? You’ll never last two seconds against K. Rool and that army of his!” “I know, and neither will you. I can give you guys more time to escape, and maybe I’ll bring a few Kremlings down with me!” “Good Luck!” said Diddy, sadly. “Hey, you know me! I’ll be fine.” Donkey Kong reassured him. Diddy nodded, sadly, and got into the gyrocopter. Then, the Kong family flew away. DK waved bye. Then he turned to face K. Rool. “Okay, K. Rool,” he said. “It’s time we finally settle this.” DK charged at K. Rool’s army. He knocked away any Primid or Kremling that got in his way. He jumped onto K. Rool’s flag ship. “King K. Rool,” said Donkey Kong, “I don’t believe you were invited to our home. You’ve turned into a real party crasher.” “Just wait until I bring the crash.” said K. Rool, slyly. K. Rool smacked DK off of his ship and into a tree. K. Rool chased him, but DK recovered from his attack and grabbed his arm. DK swirled K. Rool over his head and threw him into a tree. Then, DK tried to slam him into the ground, but K. Rool dodged, and threw his crown into DK’s face. DK fell to the ground. Then K. Rool rushed up and grabbed him by the neck. “You know what?” he asked. “This could be the best deal I’ve made in my life! With my new army provided to me by Ganondorf and the others, I’ve been able to 1. Conquer your home,” K. Rool slammed DK into a tree. Then into another. Then, he threw him to the ground. “2. Forcibly steal that precious banana horde of yours,” K. Rool picked him up and punched DK viciously. “3. Beat you into a pulp and 4.,” K. Rool threw DK into a tree. Battered and beaten, he used the tree for support. K. Rool pulled out a trophy gun and transformed DK into a trophy. “I got to turn you into a new addition for my trophy case.” K. Rool picked up the trophy. “And you know what?” he whispered into DK’s ear, even though he knew he couldn’t hear. “Your family can’t hide forever. I will find them. And when I do… I’m gonna need a brand new trophy case to fit my collection in.” Then, K. Rool laughed viciously. He would laugh for many days after this victory.

Link rode Epona towards Hyrule Castle. He and the other Enforcers, a band of warriors that kept Hyrule safe, always did their best to keep the people of Hyrule Castle Town at peace. But nothing had prepared them for the invasion. It happened all of a sudden. A massive army of monsters led by Ganondorf and their ally turned traitor, King Bulbin ravaged the land. Then, they attacked Hyrule Castle. Outnumbered and taken by surprise, Princess Zelda was forced to surrender. Then, Ganondorf transformed Zelda into a trophy. Rusl and the other Enforcers had managed to get the townsfolk of Hyrule Castle town on their way to Kakariko Village. Now, Link traveled to Hyrule Castle to try and find Princess Zelda, and anyone else who was turned into a trophy, or imprisoned in Ganondorf’s dungeons. But first, he would have to get past all the monsters that now took up residence in the town. Then he would have to get into the castle, find his way into the dungeons, possibly confront Ganondorf for a second time… It’s not like you to go rushing into things without thinking. said a voice in Link’s head. Link stopped Epona. “Who said that?” he asked. Hyrule is doomed. There is no escaping that. Do I really need to tell you that? Oh that’s right, I do. Your so used to having your little imp friend, Midna around to tell you what to do. Like the obedient little wolf that you were. “Who’s there? Show yourself!” commanded Link. Well let me tell you something: the accursed Twilight Princess? She’s doomed as well. “WHO ARE YOU?” shouted Link. He drew his sword and shield and looked around. “And there is nothing you can do to stop it!” said the voice. But this time, it was coming from behind him. Link turned to see his old arch-nemesis; Zant: The False Twili King. He was wielding two close combat knives. “YOU!” exclaimed Link, angrily. “Yes, me. Ganondorf sent me to find you and to finish you off since he is busy with his own affairs.” said Zant. Link laughed at Zant. “Zant, Zant, Zant.” he repeated, tauntingly. “First a servant to the Royal Twili family, then a false king, now reduced to an errand boy for Ganondorf. For a man who tries to achieve greatness, you really aren’t doing such a good job. You’re pathetic.” said Link. “SHUT UP!” said Zant. “I can’t believe I took you for a threat!” said Link. “Hey! Maybe if you’re lucky, you can someday clean the goat stables at the Ordon Ranch!” “ENOUGH!” cried Zant. “I have heard enough of your insolence! Now, I shall slay you where you stand, and then you won’t be able to make anymore petty remarks!” Zant charged, sliceing his knives towards Link. Link blocked his thrusts with his shield. Then Zant disappeared before his eyes. Zant’s fighting style consisted of attacking viciously with his knives, then disappearing before his opponent could make a counter attack. Link kept his eyes opened. He scanned the horizons, keeping an eye out for Zant. Zant reappeared behind him and slashed with his knives. Link blocked them with his shield and pushed Zant. Zant disappeared again. Zant reappeared again behind Link and unleashed a deadly spin attack. Link once again blocked with his shield. Zant kept repeating himself, disappearing, and reappearing again. Link pulled out his gale boomerang, which had the power to unleash mini cyclones upon his opponents, and dodged Zant’s blow. He tossed the boomerang at Zant, which caused Zant to spin out of control. Zant spun around wildly. “Arggh!” he cried. The gale boomerang returned to Link and Link drew his sword again and slashed Zant with it. Zant fell back and put his hand over the wound. “Is that all you have, Zant?” asked Link. “What’s the matter? All out of tricks?” “Not yet.” said Zant. “I’ve still got one more up my sleeve!” Zant stood up and shot red lightning at Link. “By the powers of the Twilight, I call forth your persona of rage, hatred, fear, aggression, sorrow, and regret! I call forth your polar opposite!” Zant recalled the lightning and Link fell to the ground. “You shall serve us well.” Zant then teleported away. Link did not know what that meant, but, he knew he needed allies. And he knew just where to find them. He jumped back on Epona and rode her out of Hyrule.

Kirby rode his warp star through the skies of Dreamland. He dodged blaster fire from the Halbred, which had been taken over and was being used by King Dedede. “BLAST HIM! BLAST HIM!” cried Dedede, who was a little too over excited. “SHOOT HIM OUT OF THE SKY!” Kirby dodged shot after shot. But the Halbred was too fast, and it slammed into Kirby. Kirby fell onto the deck of the ship. He was surrounded by King Dedede and his Waddle Dee hordes. “End of the line for you my pink, puffy friend!” Dedede pulled out a trophy gun and transformed Kirby into a trophy. “There.” said Dedede. “That’s one puffball out of my hair! Now there’s only one more puffball I need to get rid of. Set a coarse for Meta Knight’s territory!” said Dedede. The Halbred took off in Meta Knight’s direction.

In Meta Knight’s territory, Meta Knight watched what had happened to Kirby on a view screen. He knew that Dedede was coming for him next, and he knew he must be stopped. He was putting the finishing touches on his ‘project’. Suddenly, he heard a loud crash and a boom. King Dedede and his Waddle Dee minions marched into Meta Knight’s territory. “Your time is up, Meta Knight. Are you going to surrender?” asked Dedede. “Quite the contrary, my ‘liege’.” said Meta Knight. “Halbred Mark II, activate!” said Meta Knight. A bigger, larger version of the Halbred ship Dedede was piloting rose above the ground. Meta Knight jumped inside. The roof opened up above him, and the Halbred flew off. “Hurry! Back to the ship!” cried Dedede. “We have to keep him from escaping!” But before Dedede even got to his ship, the Halbred Mark II was gone.

Ash and Dawn had been traveling for hours through the forest. “Let’s stop here and have a picnic!” suggested Dawn. “Yeah!” said Ash. They unpacked everything, including their Pokemon and sat down to eat. The Pokemon seemed very happy. Pikachu, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, Piplup, Grotle, and Infernape were all enjoying their food.

From the bushes, Team Rocket aimed their Trophy guns. “Heh heh, those twerps are gonna get it!” said Meowth. “Hush!” said Jesse. “Ready, aim, FIRE!” she shouted. Jesse, James, and Meowth all fired their trophy guns and turned Ash, Dawn, Squirtle, Ivysaur, Charizard, Piplup, Grotle, and Infernape into trophies. Team Rocket went to retrieve their treasure. However, before they could even touch one of their trophies, Pikachu shocked them. They forgot about Pikachu! Pikachu, realizing he needed help, fled. “HEY! Come back here!” said Meowth. He chased after Pikachu, who went around a corner. Meowth followed him but saw some funny looking creatures in front of him. They weren’t Pokemon, they were something else. “Outta my way, bozos!” said Meowth. Olimar stepped out from behind a tree. Then, he motioned for the Pikmin to attack Meowth. “Get him boys!” he said. The Pikmin attacked and tried to latch themselves to Meowth. A few succeeded and Meowth went into a total panic. “Hey, what are these things? Get them off me, OW THAT STINGS!” The Pikmin used their powers to give painful sensations to Meowth including burning and shocking. Meowth struggled to get the Pikmin off, while Olimar took Pikachu to his ship and blasted off.

Samus Aran flew her ship threw space, attempting to dodge all the blaster fire from the Frigate Orpheon, the Space Pirates’ dreaded shuttle, which flew behind her. One of the shots made contact, and all of her ship’s systems had shut down. The Frigate Orpheon brought her towards the ship using a tractor beam. Samus couldn’t allow herself to be caught. She had to think up a plan…

The tractor beam brought Samus’ ship on board the Frigate Orpheon. Space Pirates and Primids aimed their blasters onto Samus and her ship. Ridley stepped forth and commanded “Samus Aran, we know you are in there! Come out now if you want to live. Samus walked out of her ship in her orange and red colored armor. Ridley took a trophy gun from one of the Space Pirates and turned Samus into a trophy. “HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!” laughed Ridley. “The best bounty hunter in the galaxy? I don’t think so.” he said. Suddenly, he heard the sound of engines running. It was one of the Space Pirates’ scout ships! It took off, and flew away from the ship. “YOU FOOLS!” cried Ridley. “WE’VE CAPTURED HER POWER SUIT, BUT SHE GOT AWAY! CHASE AFTER THAT SHIP!” But the ship already went into light speed and was gone.

The Great Fox floated through space. Team Star Fox hadn’t had a mission in a while, so things had been slow. Suddenly, there was a crash and a boom. “What was that?” asked Fox. “We are under attack!” said R.O.B. 64. (R.O.B. 64 runs the Great Fox, and has no relation to the R.O.B. back on Earth.) “The ship is sustaining heavy damage.” “Can you identify the attacker?” asked Falco. “Its Team Star Wolf.” said R.O.B. 64. “Wolf and his gang, again?” asked Krystal. “Look’s like it.” said Slippy. “Come one team! Let’s get to the docking bay!” said Fox. The team ran into the docking bay, only to find their Arwings destroyed. “How…?” started Fox. “That would be my fault.” said Wolf. “Excuse me for not picking up the mess” Everyone turned to see him holding a trophy gun. He fired shots from the gun and turned the team into trophies. Fox, Krystal, and Slippy fell to the ground. “Ha! Top that, Fox!” said Wolf. “Told you I would be the one who would finally take you down.” Wolf counted his trophies. Wolf got worried. “Wait a minute… one, two, three… where’s Falco?” “Up here!” Wolf looked up to see Falco dive into him. “R.O.B. 64, does Slippy have that discontinued Arwing in storage?” “Stripped of all of its good parts, but it still flies.” said R.O.B. 64. “Good.” Falco found the ship and used it to escape the Great Fox.

It was the final lap of the heated F-Zero race in Mute City. “There they go, folks!” said the announcer. “Captain Falcon is in the lead, with the Blue Falcon in the lead. Followed by Judy Summers, Mr. EAD, and Samurai Goroh!” Suddenly a black car drove its way into the race. Followed by a red car. Then a bunch of purple cars with machine guns on their roofs. They opened fire and caused all the cars to crash. Except Captain Falcon. The black car and the red car surrounded the Blue Falcon. They rammed it and caused the car to crash. “I … don’t know what’s happening folks, but for your safety, please leave the racing dome!” The audience left immediately. Back on the track, Captain Falcon got out of his car, and looked around. Black Shadow and Blood Falcon got out of their cars. “Nice to see you again, brother!” said Blood Falcon. “In no way are you my brother!” said Captain Falcon. “You are just another one of Black Shadow’s twisted experiments! A clone! That’s all you are and that’s all you’ll ever be, Blood!” “Silence, Falcon!” said Black Shadow. “Your luck has finally run out. Surrender now!” “And what happens if I don’t?” asked Captain Falcon. “Then I’ll activate these detonators, which will blow up the audience!” “You can’t!” said Captain Falcon. “Hundreds of lives will be lost!” “You think I care?” asked Black Shadow. “I’ll go through any means to keep you out of my way! Now choose.” “Fine.” said Captain Falcon. He held his hands up behind his head. “I give up!” “That’s good.” said Black Shadow. He pulled out a trophy canon and fired. Captain Falcon turned into a trophy. “That will be the end of you, Falcon!” said Black Shadow.

Ness dodged another one of Porky’s blasts. “Hold still!” said Porky. “Hold still, hold still, hold still!” he cried. Ness dodged all of his PK powered blasts. Porky had already captured Ness’ friend Lucas, and was using his psychic powers to fuel his attacks from his Robo-Crawler. “Why are you doing this, Pokey?” asked Ness. “I told you, my name is Porky!” said Porky. “And I’m doing this because I want to take over the world!” said Porky. “Why?” asked Ness. Porky fired more shots. “Because I want to! That’s why!” said Porky. “Now, hold still!” cybernetic arms grew from the Robo-Crawler and tried to grab Ness. “I always knew you were greedy,” said Ness. “But to become as greedy as to want to take over the world, that’s low even for you!” “SHUT UP!” said Porky. “I’m disappointed in you Porky.” said Ness. “PK Flash!” he cried. And in a flash of green light, Ness was gone. “HEY!?” cried Porky. “Not fair, not fair, not faaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrr!!” he cried.

The castle was coming down and was going to topple. A massive evacuation was issued throughout the castle. Knights were fleeing, and Ike looked around through all of the commotion. Ike fled the castle with some of the other inhabitants. His horse galloped across the draw bridge. He looked back at the frightening scene. Ashnard rode his dragon, as it flew over the castle. He could see Queen Elincia fighting for her life and her kingdom. She had sent Ike away in search of other allies to battle Ashnard. Ike traveled for a few days when he came across two people. A couple of sword fighters named Roy and Lyn. They were on the run from a band of purple creatures. Ike volunteered his service if they could help him get to the kingdom of Altea. They agreed and they had traveled there ever since. Eventually, they made their way to Altea. They made their way to the castle, and the guards escorted them to the throne room. “All present,” said the guard, “Bow before Prince Marth!” Everyone in the room bowed. “Rise.” said Marth. Marth got up off of his throne and walked down to greet Ike and the others. “Ike!” said Marth. “It’s been ages since I’ve seen you! How goes things?” “Not very well.” said Ike. “Ashnard, the Mad King, is attacking my kingdom again. I’ve come here to ask your help.” “You’ve come to the right place.” said Marth. He glanced over Ike’s shoulder and saw Roy. “Roy? Is that you?” he asked. “You know him?” asked Ike. “Yeah.” said Roy. “We met each other once in a Super Smash Bros. Tournament. We were very popular contestants.” “Indeed.” said Marth. “Forgive me.” he said, glanceing over Roy’s shoulder. “I failed to notice your accomplice. It is a pleasure to meet you, Miss…?” “Lyndis.” said Lyn. “But I prefer to be called Lyn.” Marth smiled. “I am honored to meet you.” said Marth. “But now back to business. I have recently acquired a contact about your matter. Actually, your matter is affecting the whole world. He shall meet us soon, and we can speak with him.”

Sonic ran, as fast as he could. Knuckles was carrying Tails, unconscious, over his shoulder. Tails’ leg had been burned in a laser blast. The three were riding in their plane, The Tornado, when it was shot down by Dr. Eggman and his forces. Now they were on the run from him and Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic shot fired his extension arm at Sonic and grabbed his shoulder. He pulled him back towards him. “Sonic!” cried Knuckles. Sonic landed hard. “Nowhere to run, Sonic.” said Metal Sonic. “Back off, faker!” said Sonic. A massive robot landed in front of Sonic. “End of the line, Hedgehog.” said Dr. Eggman, who was inside the robot. “Your Egg Emperor again?” asked Sonic. “Didn’t I already defeat that?” “It took the help of your friends to do it!” said Eggman. “And plus, I’ve made some special modifications, just for you.” Metal Sonic grabbed both of Sonic’s arms. A trophy gun popped up from the Egg Emperor’s shoulder. “So long, Sonic!” The trophy gun fired, and Sonic turned into a trophy. “Sonic!” cried Knuckles again. He wanted to help, but he just couldn’t put Tails aside. “Don’t worry, Knuckles!” said Eggman. “You and Tails will soon be joining him.” The trophy gun fired two more shots. Knuckles and Tails turned into trophies. Dr. Eggman laughed. “Finally!” he said. “After all these years, I’ve finally defeated you, Sonic the Hedgehog!” He flew off, preparing to lead his armies to conquer the rest of Green Hill Zone. Unknown to him, Shadow the Hedgehog had watched the whole thing from a distance. He would need allies, if Dr. Eggman was to be stopped. And he knew just the right one. Using his Chaos Emerald, he said “Chaos Control!” Using his time warping powers, he teleported away into the future.

Allies Gather

Back in Altea, Marth brought his friends into a back room. After demanding privacy from the guards, he waited patiently as a helicopter landed on a platform on the castle. Snake jumped out of the helicopter, followed by Saki, Little Mac, Pit, R.O.B.,              Mr. Game and Watch, and the Ice Climbers. “Welcome, my friends.” said Marth. “Thank you for coming so quickly.” “The pleasure is ours.” said R.O.B., politely. “Now, let us discuss the matter of the Subspace Invasion.” said Pit. “Then I shall make this short and to the point.” said Marth. “You have my sword in battle whenever you need it, but you do not have the aid of my kingdom’s armies. I hope you can understand…” “We understand perfectly, your highness.” said Snake. “We are looking to find a formation of our own private army.” “It’s just that, when the army first attacked, my kingdom was almost overrun. If it wasn’t for the defeat of Tabuu, my people would be still be trapped in Subspace. I want all conflicts to be away from my kingdom.” “Well, we can grant you no guarantees,” said R.O.B. “But we shall do our best to avert any confrontations involving your kingdom.” “Thank you for your understanding.” said Marth. “Now, what of our allies? Surely there must be someone left that can aid us in battle.” “We’ve gotten people working on that.” said Snake. “You remember Olimar, correct? He and his friend, Louie, are looking for more fighters that are still free. We were going to help them with their task, eventually, after we had finished our meeting.” “Well, let’s not keep them waiting!” said Marth. “Let’s go!” Everyone poured back into the helicopter and took off.

Luigi and Yoshi had been running for days. Weeks. Months. Who knows? Luigi wasn’t keeping track. He was too frightened to keep track. Luigi and Yoshi stopped running and took a rest. “Oh. What do we do now?” said Luigi. Yoshi shrugged. Yoshi saw something flying by overhead. It was a rocket ship! Yoshi pointed at the shy and cried “Yoshi! Yoshi!” Luigi looked at Yoshi. “What’s wrong, Yoshi?” Luigi looked where Yoshi was pointing. “A ship! Maybe they can help us!” said Luigi. “HEY! DOWN HERE! HELP! HELP!” the ship didn’t stop flying away. Luigi had to think of something, or they would get away. Suddenly, he got an idea! He gathered his powers and shot a great big stream of green fire into the sky. The ship saw it and it started to land. “Alright!” said Luigi, happily. He and Yoshi ran towards the ship. The ship’s doors opened and out walked Olimar, Louie, and Pikachu. “Olimar! Great to see you again!” said Luigi. “The pleasure is all mine, Luigi!” said Olimar. “We’re just lucky we found you when we did! If it wasn’t for that signal of yours, we never would have found you!” Then, Olimar’s expression turned grim. “But we need to leave now!” “I agree! Let’s get out of here! I can ask you my questions later!” said Luigi. Luigi, Yoshi, Olimar, Louie, and Pikachu all went back inside the ship and it took off into the sky.

Meanwhile, Funky Kong flew the Gyrocopter threw the sky. Diddy Kong gazed sadly out into the ocean. Dixie Kong looked toward him and tried to comfort him. “What’s wrong, Diddy?” asked Dixie Kong. “I’m worried about DK.” said Diddy. “I hope he’s okay.” “Hey, come on!” said Dixie. “Cheer up! This is Donkey Kong we’re talking about here! He stopped K. Rool when he threatened to blow up the island with the Blast-O-Matic?” asked Dixie. “He did.” said Diddy, still not quite motivated. “Who over threw Ghastly King, and took back the Fruit Kingdom?” “He did.” said Diddy, his mood improving a little. “Who’s one of the best bongo players in the world?” “He is!” “Who’s strong enough to handle anything in his path?” “HE IS!” cried Diddy. “BE QUIET OVER THERE, I’M TRYING TO NAP!” shouted Cranky Kong. “Anyways,” said Dixie. “I’m sure DK will be alright. And if he’s in trouble, we can rescue him again!” “”You’re right!” said Diddy. “Hey, little dudes?” asked Funky Kong. “I don’t mean to interrupt, or anything, but, there’s another ship incoming!” “Hey, maybe they can help us!” said Diddy. Diddy grabbed a stick, took off his hat and tied it to the stick. He waved it around like a flag, trying to get the ship’s attention. “HEY, OVER HERE!” he shouted!”

Luigi had finished talking with Olimar and Louie about what had happened and where they were going and what to do. He looked out the window. He saw a wooden helicopter with a bunch of monkeys inside. No, wait, not monkeys. Kongs! “Olimar, look!” said Luigi. “There’s Diddy Kong and his family! They look like they are trying to get our attention!” Olimar spotted them. Olimar pulled out a microphone and spoke into it. “Attention, Diddy Kong and friends. Meet us at the following coordinates for a safe haven. We will not be there right away. We are currently in search of others who might need our assistance. However, we shall be there eventually.” Olimar’s ship transmitted the coordinates to the Gyrocopter. The Gyrocopter changed coarse and headed to the location. Olimar’s ship continued to fly away.

Link continued to ride away from Hyrule. He was exhausted. He knew he would not make it anywhere at the rate he was going. He wished, by some means, he could find someone fast, and get their help. As if on cue, a helicopter landed near him. Solid Snake jumped out and landed next to Link. “You look like you could use some help.” said Snake. “Yes.” said Link. “Hyrule was attacked and hit. Hard. I need help to rescue them.” “Understood.” said Snake. “Princess Zelda has also been captured!” “Don’t worry. We’ll rescue her.” said Snake. “But first, we need to see if there are any other fighters out there that could use our help!” Snake gave Link a small, circular object. “Press the button in the center and you will be transported to a secret and safe location.” said Snake. Stay there and wait for us to get back.” Link nodded. He turned to Epona. “What about my horse? I can’t just leave her out here.” “Don’t worry about her, either. Just hold onto her mane, and she will teleport with you!” Link put his arm around her main and pressed the button. Then he vanished out of sight. Snake got back into the helicopter and commenced with his search.

Falco was lost, stranded in space. From the Great Fox, he tried to fly back to Earth, but, his ship lacked the parts required for the trip, and it shut down. “Well, it was either this or get turned into a trophy.” he admitted to himself. The ships radio began to pick up some type of communication. It was faint, and it sounded something like “eelo… yone… ere?” Falco tried to respond. “S.O.S.! S.O.S.!” he said. The reply sounded something like “…sponding…” Falco looked out the window. He saw a massive ship approaching that looked like the Halbred. But bigger, and more advanced. Falco was worried. He thought it was the Subspace Army coming from them. “Aw, crud!” he said. A claw shot forth from the ship and grabbed the Arwing. It pulled it toward the ship. Falco was upset. “Well.” said Falco. “Better to go out fighting.” he said.

Falco exited the ship, once it was place on the Halbred look-alike, and entered the docking bay. Falco exited through a door, blaster drawn. He heard foot steps coming down the hallway. They were metal, as they clanked with each step. Falco tried to go down another corridor, but he heard foot steps in that direction too! “Alright,” said Falco. “Bring it on!” Falco drew another blaster and aimed it both ways. He fired multiple shot in both directions, screaming all the while. He thought he heard someone say “Stop!” Yeah. Like these creeps deserve mercy. Suddenly he felt some kind of a shock. He felt tingly, and then everything felt numb. He fell to the floor. He was picked up by something. “What do you think your doing?” said an angry, famine voice. “We just saved your life!” Falco tried to speak. But it came out funny, due to the numbness. “Ill nevuh ssurender!” “We are not your enemies.” said a voice. “You should remember us!” Falco looked down to see Meta Knight. Falco then felt bad, and not because of the numbness. “Oh. Itssss you” he said.

   He was laid down on a couch. He started to get a little feeling back. The person who paralyzed him was Samus; only, she lost her power suit, and was in a blue jumpsuit. She had paralyzed him with a special gun. Meta Knight and Samus gathered around him. “You are quite lucky that we found you, blue bird.” said Meta Knight. Falco could move his jaw again, so he could talk properly. “Where are we going? I have friends that need help!” he said. “We are on our way to Earth. Once there, we will meet with more fighters and figure out our next motion.” said Samus. “So I have to wait? I can’t just wait!” said Falco, angrily. “That is what we must do.” said Meta Knight. “As powerful as this ship may be, it is no match fleets of Subspace Battleships. We need resources if our friends are to be saved.” “We must think this through. Use our minds.” said Samus. Falco hated to admit it. He really hated to admit it. But they were right. “Alright. Let’s go then.” said Falco.

Ness kept at his pace. Using PK flash, he had eluded Porky, but he knew it wouldn’t be long before Porky caught him. Suddenly, the mountain exploded. Out walked a giant statue… of Porky! Ness kept on running past it. He caught sight of a rocket ship over head. He saw something dangling from the ship. It was a man! The man came closer, closer, and then he was close enough for Ness to make out who he was. It was an old friend of his, Luigi. “Grab hold!” said Luigi, outstretching his had. Ness jumped up and grabbed it. Luigi hauled him up. Luigi was then pulled back into the ship. Ness looked around and saw Yoshi, Olimar, Pikachu, and Louie on board, in addition to Luigi. “Thanks for the rescue, you guys!” said Ness. “But, Lucas is still down there, strapped to a machine invented by Porky!” “We can’t stop now!” said Olimar. “It’s too dangerous, and there are other fighters out there who need our help!” “But don’t worry.” said Luigi. “We’ll come back for Lucas.” Ness looked out the window, at the Porky statue below. “I hope so.” He said sadly.

Meanwhile in the future … Silver had Eggman Nega under wraps and defeated. His base was completely destroyed. Silver stood over him, chuckling a little. “You had to know, Nega,” he said. “That this was coming. It has been for a while.” Silver handed him over to the authorities. “You haven’t heard the last of me, hedgehog!” said Eggman Nega. “I’ll be back! I’ll be back!” A portal opened up in front of him. Shadow the Hedgehog stepped through. “Shadow?” asked Silver. “What brings you to my time?” “I need your help.” said Shadow. “Something has gone terribly wrong in the past, and Sonic has been kidnapped. I need your help.” “Okay, let’s go.” said Silver. “Chaos Control!” cried Shadow, as another portal through time opened up. Shadow and Silver stepped through the portal. Unknown to them, Eggman Nega had been listening to the whole thing. One of the futuristic police officers grabbed him. “Alright, Eggman Nega, into the van.” “Indeed.” said the scientist. “Why, officer, you look a bit tired.” said Eggman Nega. “Well, yeah, not that you actually care.” said the officer. “I was up last night, during a stake out.” “You should take a rest!” said Eggman Nega. “You know what… you’re right! I should take a nap! Right after your in jail.” said the officer. “Oh, but you misinterpret me! I meant that you should sleep… right now!” A tiny little thing floated out of Dr. Eggman Nega’s sleeve. It floated in front of police officer’s face. Gas emitted from it. The officer coughed, and fell unconscious. The floating thing then zapped the electric shackles off of Eggman Nega’s wrists. He walked out of the truck. He called upon his ship, and jumped inside. “Let’s drop in for a visit on my great, great, great, Grandfather!” he said. He laughed as he opened up a portal through time and traveled into the past.

Meanwhile, Shadow and Silver had returned to the past. Shadow looked around. “Come on, let’s go and find Dr. Eggman.” said Shadow. “Then allow me to save you the trip.” said a voice. Shadow and Silver turned to see Dr. Eggman and Metal Sonic, as well as an army of robots and Primids. “If you are thinking about stopping me and saving Sonic, think again.” said Eggman. “I will not be defeated in my moment of triumph.” A helicopter flew by overhead. Snake jumped from it, and slid down a rope. “Grab my hand!” he said. Shadow jumped and grabbed Snake’s hand. Silver used his telekinetic powers to float up, into the helicopter. Dr. Eggman commanded everyone to shoot their lasers at it, but Silver threw up a telekinetic barrier around it. It repelled everything, including Metal Sonic. The helicopter flew away, leaving a very unhappy scientist.

Back in the Helicopter, Snake spoke with Shadow and Silver about what had transpired. “So, you two are friends of Sonic the Hedgehog?” asked Snake. Shadow and Silver nodded. “I am Shadow the Hedgehog, agent of G.U.N.” said Shadow. “And I am Silver the Hedgehog, a telekinetic hedgehog from the future.” “Well any friend of Sonic’s is a friend of mine.” said Snake. “What was that all about back there anyway?” asked Silver. “Everything will be explained once we get back to the base.” said Snake.

The helicopter landed. Snake, Shadow, and Silver looked around. There were all of the free fighters, huddled together. “Ah, good.” said R.O.B. “You are here.” “These were the last ones I could find.” said Shadow. R.O.B. called for the attention of all the fighters. “Attention all fighters.” R.O.B. began. “For those of you who do not know me, my name is R.O.B. I am a Robotic Operating Battlebot. I have been working together with my friends Solid Snake, and Olimar to locate you and bring you here. As you probably already know, your homeland has been invaded by the Subspace Army. They have taken over this entire world, and probably more then this. They must be stopped before all hope is lost. This is the dawn of a rebellion. This bunker shall be our headquarters against them. This shall be your temporary living quarters, where you shall wait until you are called for your next mission. All of us will be going on the following mission. Everyone but me and my friend, Mr. Game & Watch. We will remain behind, for we hold secrets that must not fall into the hands of our enemies. Your first mission will take you to the enemy’s base. A ship will be landing there that contains all of the fighters that were turned into trophies. You must attack and stop that ship, by any and all means necessary.” finished R.O.B. “Once your mission is complete, you will return here. This mission is only for those who volunteer to take it. If you do not wish to undertake this mission, please stand and leave now.” R.O.B. waited. No one left. “Excellent.” said R.O.B. “Good luck.”


The ship touched down at the villains’ base. Zant waited patiently. He was pleased that the shipment arrived intact. Ridley and the space pirates brought out the trophies out one by one. “You know that this isn’t all of them.” Said Ridley. “There are more still out there.” “We know.” Said Zant. “And the problem will be dealt with. Just wait and see. In the meantime, start unloading the trophies. We need to dispose of them quickly.” Said Zant. Wario and Waluigi walked out and helped unload the trophies. Star Wolf came out and helped too. Zant nodded with approval and teleported away.


There were explosions everywhere. Ridley coughed. He looked around but couldn’t see anything. “What’s going on …wooooaaaah!” cried Ridley. He slipped on something. “Ouch.” He said. By the sounds of things, lots of people were tripping. “Alright.” Said Ridley, angrily. “I’ve had enough of this.” He out spread his wings, and flapped them violently. The smoke cleared. He looked around. But the trophies, and the ship, was gone.

The ship landed back at the hero’s bunker. All of the fighters that were turned into trophies walked out. R.O.B. looked around. “Welcome, my friends;” Said R.O.B. Now, we have all of the free fighters assembled. We may not have much. We may have insufficient numbers. But this is the start… and the symbol… of a rebellion. Together we shall fight to the death to take back our lands. Who’s with me?” Everyone cheered. And on this day, the rebellion began.

Ganondorf was back in Hyrule Castle. Zant teleported next to him. “My lord,” said Zant. “The free trophies were rescued. All of them now roam free.” Ganondorf looked at him with a stern face. Then he smiled. “Good.” he said. “Everything is going according to plan. Soon, the rebellion will find even more allies to join their group. Then, all enemies of the Subspace Army will be found and crushed with one swift stroke!” Zant nodded. “Our spy is in place.” said Zant. “And best of all, it is tagged onto the one who defeated us!” said Zant. “Yes.” said Ganondorf. “Link will become the rebellion’s downfall. I grow weary, now Zant. Leave me.” Zant nodded and teleported away. Ganondorf looked at a mirror on a wall. The image of a massive hand appeared. “Everything is in place.” said Ganondorf. “Excellent.” said the hand. “Soon, I shall find my brother, once again.” “And together, you and I will become the ultimate powers in the universe!” said Ganondorf. “… yes.” said the hand. The hand pointed at Ganondorf. “Do not fail me!” said the hand. Ganondorf bowed. “I do not fail.” he said. “We’ll see about that.” said the hand. The image disappeared, and Ganondorf looked out the window. Soon there will be destruction and terror. Lot’s of loss and madness. Then he smiled as he pondered what a wonderful sight that would be to behold.

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