The Swamp of Ruins Lucas walking through The Ruined Zoo which is now covered in Swamp Goo.The Swamp of Ruins is an area in the Ninjai Revolt mode in Super Smash Bros. Revolution. Lucas is strolling through the Swamp of Ruins, depressed as he sees it is destroyed in Swamp goo. As he looks above, he sees the Halberd, which starts releasing Shadow Bugs, that start turning into Ninjai Primids. Lucas turns into an afraid state, but then The Pig King Statue appears, and Lucas runs, setting off the beginning of a stage, where the player must run from the statue. After reaching the end, another cutscene starts. Lucas trips on a twig, when the Pig King Statue comes close to stepping on Lucas, but the statue is blown to the ground by a blast of Fire, whom he thought was Ness. Ness and Midna land in-front of Lucas, but then Ness jumps back up and attacks the statue, making it explode. Ir reveals Porky, whom then attacks Lucas and Ness; which then starts a boss battle. Lucas and Ness win, but they then notice Waluigi with a Trophy Gun. Waluigi starts shooting Ness with the gun, which Ness dodges all shots. Waluigi turns and is about to shoot at Lucas, but Ness jumps and pushes Lucas out of the way, turning Ness into a trophy. Wario jumps down and laughs as he grabs the trophy. Lucas runs, depressed about his friends. Later, Lucas is walking through the zoo, still depressed. He runs into Leaf, whom tells him about what's in-front of them: Ninjai Primids. After making it through the stage, Leaf walks away after giving him a thumbs up to Lucas. Lucas, thinking about Ness and Midna, runs to Leaf, forming a team.

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