The Smash Bash is Adventure Mode for Super Smash Bros. Unleashed. It has been made to be like a sequel to SSBB's Subspace Emmissary. This is written by Orange Yoda

Level 1

The screen starts at a black screen with the words Super Smash Bros. Unleashed on it, then zooms in to find Starbeans Cafe. Then it zooms up to Mario's back. You can see he is drinking coffee. Then a loud rumbleing noise starts, and a ship lands outside. (Those who played Pikmin should know this ship,) Mario runs outside to see the S.S. Dolphin (Olimar's ship from Pikmin). After steam bursts out Wario, Fox, Link, Captain Olimar and Samus (who is holding an excitebiker trophy) get out.
"Ah it's great to have the S.S. Dolphin back. I missed it so much. Let's see here, does it still have the stuff I found with the Pikmin, 'cause the landing was totally rough" says Olimar's subtitles
Link asks Mario, "Do you want to have a battle, just for fun?"
Mario nods, and everyone else asks to fight.

  • Player Selection: Mario, Link, Fox, Captain Olimar and Samus
  • Area: Outside Starbeans
  • Description: You have to defeat everyone who is listed above (except for the person you are) In the order: Mario, Link, Fox, Samus, Captain Olimar (with doubled number of pikmin), and Wario. You have 3 lives.

After the battle, all the people shake hands (except for Wario who runs away on his Wario Bike). No one notices Wario except for Samus who dives into Olimar's ship and flies away after him.

  • If you got the stickers Olimar dropped and the 2 trophies Wario dropped, you would've gotten everything...

Level 2

The world flips dimensions where Rayman is being chased by a bunch of Rabbids. A portal opens up and Rayman and a Rabbid jump into it. When Rayman gets out, there's a plunger on his head and the Rabbid is attacking him.

The world flips dimensions again where Marlon is at King Roland's castle, making cupcakes. A portal the comes out of the oven and sucks him in, making him land on top of Rayman.

Once again, the world flips to LEGO Land, where Batman and Robin are fighting the Penguin. The penguin fires a missile and hits Batman, which opens a portal and sucks him in. LEGO Batman lands right on top of Rayman, Marlon and the Rabbid that is now attacking Marlon's beard.

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