The Ruined Hall The Ruined Hall is a boss stage in the Ninja Revolt mode of Super Smash Bros. Revolution. It is played by Leaf, Waluigi and Lucas. The location is underground, and shown to be very deep and empty. Its actual purpose is unknown. The only objective in this stage is to defeat the boss, Galleom. This boss was first fought by Marth, Meta Knight and Saskai above ground, right near the underground Ruined Hall. However, Galleom was not completely destroyed; it jumped and landed directly above this Hall where Lucas, Waluigi and Leaf has just entered. Because of its immense weight, the ground crumbled to pieces and Galleom fell through to the Hall. It was still capable of fighting, so Lucas, Waluigi and Leaf had to finish it for good in this empty Hall. After the player beats Galleom it is revealed that a Subspace Bomb is attached to it. Galleom then grabs Lucas and Leaf (Waluigi Runs Away). Luckily, they are saved by Marth, Saskai, and Meta Knight. After Galleom is destroyed, Leaf and Lucas join the swordsmen.


The Ruined Hall is cylinder shaped like Bianco Hills's Windmill Tower of which Petey Piranha is fought in Super Mario Sunshine. Waluigi Runs away and will be encounter some other levle.

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