Revolt is an entity found in the Ninjai Revolt in Super Smash Bros. Revolution. In The Ninjai Revolt, the Ninjai Army uses Subspace Bombs to drag anyone and anywhere into Revolt. Each time a bomb detonates, a certain part of the Super Smash Bros. World is destroyed and sucked into a place known as Revolt. The first area ever destroyed was Midair Stadium *Redo*. Throughout the game, the Ninjai Revolt kept destroying many other parts of the world. The explosion of the bombs can be compared to The Void; however, Revolt explosions do not kill characters sucked into it and instead just warp them to Revolt, a world of darkness.

All the characters in the game end up entering Revolt, when they follow Bowser and Ganondorf, Wario, Mewtwo (in Wario's case, he ended up here through a Subspace bomb donated at The Ruins earlier in the game). However, once there, they were attacked by Tabuu` a version of him that is stronger than ever. Luigi, King Dedede, Ness, Rosalina, Deoxys, MMLink (and later Kirby, Zelda and Waluigi) then come to the rescue and revive all the trophies. Tabuu` forces all the characters to go through a conglomerate of areas from the Smash Bros. world. After a long journey through the Great Maze, they all reach the Final Destination (which appears to be located in Revolt as well) and fight Tabuu`. Sonic the Hedgehog joins them in the fight. They then defeat Tabuu`, and all is well.

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