The Research Facility The Research Facility is one of many levels in the Ninjai Revolt mode of Super Smash Bros. Revolution. The Research Facility is located on the Isle of the Ancients that floats high above the world. The facility is adjacent to the Subspace Bomb Factory. The Research Facility is where the R.O.B. Squad conducts scientific research on behalf of the Ninjai Army, such as creating clone copies of Samus Aran's Power Suit, making digital Creatures. Besides researching new weapons, R.O.B.s also guard the facility from outside interference. The Research Facility served as Ganondorf's base of operations during the Ninjai Revolt's conquest of the world, until the facility and the rest of the Isle of the Ancients was destroyed by the mass detonation of Subspace Bombs ordered by Ganondorf himself.

During the events of the Ninjai Revolt, Samus Aran's Power Suit was somehow acquired by the Subspace Army and held in the Research Facility. Analysis of the Power Suit allowed the Subspace Army to create two sentient clone copies of the Power Suit to serve as additional weapons for the army's invasion. In order to retrieve her suit, Zero Suit Samus (the name Samus is known by without her Power Suit) secretly infiltrated the Research Facility. During her infiltration, Zero Suit Samus ran into Pikachu, who appears to have been captured by the Ninjai Revolt to use as a source of electrical energy for the facility (and torturing the Pokémon in the process). Samus freed Pikachu, which alerted the R.O.B. Squad to her pressence. Ultimately, Samus and Pikachu managed to evade the R.O.B. guards, defeat the Power Suit clones, and reclaim the Power Suit. Eventually, Samus and Pikachu notice Deoxys, who swoops down and grabs Samus. He then proceeds to Throw her against the wall. Pikachu, however, attacks Deoxys, starting the boss fight. After defeating Deoxys and turning him to a Trophy, Samus and Pikachu exit the Facility, Notice a Trophy Samus then Brings Midna to life. Midna joins the team and all three enter the Subspace Bomb Factory, thus ending the level.

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