The Path to the Ruins The Path to the Ruins is a stage in the Ninjai Revolt of Super Smash Bros. Revolution. The Path to the Ruins involves two characters; Leaf and Lucas. They are first seen on the edge of a cliff, as they see Pidgetto fly over their heads, toward The Ruins. Leaf checks the two pictures he had of Pidgetto and [[ ]], and points at Pidgeoto. Once going through the stage, they encounter Wario and Waluigi. Lucas, recalling Both taking Ness and Midna at The Ruined Zoo, decides to fight Wario, alongside Leaf. They defeat him, and high-five. Noticing Wario no longer has Ness in his possession and neither does Waluigi, Lucas starts to feel sad, But Waluigi Appologizes and joins there team, but before long the three enter The Swamp Ruins.

Songs played in this stage (in order of appearance)

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