TNSSI is created by fan characters sonicfire and nack the hedgehogs, it puts 29 characters from SSBB (two are not from SSBB tho) the characters do challenges and win prizes, in elimanation challenges, the team that loses have to send someone home, in the bonfire, if you get a mr. saturn you are safe, only 1 person wont get one, the person has to walk the dock of shame to the boat of PHAIL.


THE SCREAMING PWNERS; Fox (captain) Shadow Mario Daisy Samus Lucas Link Olimer Bowser Mr. Game And Watch Captin Falcon Diddy Kong Yoshi DeDeDe Luigi (joined later on) Marth (joined later on) THE KILLER OWNAGES; Lucario (captain) Luigi Peach Ike Marth Ness Snake Wario Sonic DK Falco Sheik (turns into zelda later on) Pikuchu Squirtle Meta Knight

Now that we introuduced the cast, we will show the elimanation orders; Marth (because everyone thought he was cheap Oilimer (because ehs too lazy) Squritle (because Piku told everyone to vote him off) Snake (kept mumbling about his box) Bowser (mario made everyone vote him) MARTH RETURNS! Marth (everyone still hated him) AFTERMATH! hosted by snake and squrtitle! Luigi (DK was going home but he went in his place) DK (mario made everyone vote him) Samus (she blasted everyone when everyone kept thinking she was a boy) Daisy (she had a temper tauntrum) Wario (like Oilmier, hes too lazy) Captin Falcon (he kept on gloating about his FALCON PUNCH) AFTERMATH AGAIN Yoshi (kept on laying eggs) Game N Watch (DeDeDe Beat him at a singing contest) Ness (he was upset that they were using mr. saturns, what got annoying) TEAMS MERGE Piku (he got rid of squrtle) OLIMER AND MARTH RETURN Diddy Kong (mario again) Marth (Same as last time) AFTERMATH Peach (Lucas knew peach had something to do with ness, so he told everyone to vote her) DeDeDe (Everyone voted him for Games elimanation) Oilimer (he cheated) Lucas (MARIO!!!) Meta Knight (he was being a jerk) Link (he and zelda got distracted) AFTERMATH Ike (he quit because where ever link goes, he goes) Zelda/Sheik (everyone hated her) Lucario (Shadow made everyone vote him) FINAL FOUR Shadow (he didnt egt elimanated, the cops chased him out of the game) Fox (he lost the trivia challenge FINAL 2 Sonic (he lost to Falco) Falco Wins

Now that we got that done, the whole storyline of the series is coming up soon!

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