This is story mode of Super Smash Bros. Destiny.


The Full Story

Part 1: Mario, Luigi, and the Attack of the Heartless

1 year after the attack of the Subspace Army, the Smash Brothers go there seprate ways. But one day,

Luigi: Ah, what a perfect day!

Mario: Hey, Luigi! Where's my dinner?

Luigi: I'm getting it, Mario!

Luigi looks out of the window and sees dark, purple clouds with the Halberd. He wonders what's going on out there. Then he see's Toad and Goombario run toward the house.

Toad: Guys there's trouble at the castle!!!!!!

Mario: What is it Guys.

Goombario: Mushroom Land is being invaded by another nation from the subspace region.

Mario: Oh snap another Army.

Goombario: No it's a nation, that's trying to counquer the smasher world.

Just then two troopers in robot samurai armor attack the 4 people and kidnap Toad and Goombario and run away. Mario and Luigi head to princess Peach's castle.

Part 2: Inside the Empire

In a dark Shadowy land with black Volcanoes with red fire. a guy wearing a chinese robe was running to a japanese temple and entered and met with a man wearing a midevil english king's uniform.

Man: My King we have invaded the Mushroom Kingdom.

The King: Good work General Domekoi now we shall conquer the rest.

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