The Forest

The Forest is a stage in Super Smash Bros. Revolution, which is encountered within the events of the Ninjai Revolt.

The Forest is first shown with Link Riding with Zelda OR Rosalina in it, with Navi. Link pulls the Master Sword out of its base, and tries to look to see if hes been followed. As the two proceed, they walk past Yoshi, who was sleeping on a tree stump. Then, the Halberd appears and the sky turns red. It then sprouts out a group of Primid Ninjais suddenly appear in front of them. Yoshi wakes up, and stands beside Link and Zelda Or Rosalina hide behind them. After defeating the Primid Ninjais, the two proceed further into the stage.

Once Haku is defeated, the player can return to this stage, and enter a floating red door to face COMING SOON.

Earlier, Luigi was facing off two Waddle Dees when King Dedede turned him into a trophy. This occurred nearby the Forest.

Songs played in this stage (in order of appearance)


The music for this stage is based on The Dark World song from The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

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