IMPORTANT NOTICE:The barrel problem is NOT a game! SERIOUSLY! It is a short film that will hopefully land on Youtube!

*Link is running from barrels and runs into Luigi's Mansion*

  • Ike:Whats your problem?
  • Link:Barrels are flying everywhere!
  • Ike:I don't see any..*barrel crushes Ike*
  • Ike:Oh, now I see
  • Link to DK:Time to get rid of you! *Shoots bomb arrow at DK*
  • DK:*Punches bomb arrow**bomb arrow is flying toward "Ike's Mansion"*
  • Ike:Oh cra*bomb arrow hits Link and Ike*
  • Ike to Link:IMMA FIRIN' MAH LAYZAAR!!*fires laser at Link**Link is fried*
  • Link:I hate DK!
  • Ike:I hate youuu!
  • Link:*throws sword at DK and he dies*
  • Link:Finally thats over.
  • Ike:Your going to pay my repair bills.
  • Link:What the hec*explodes*

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