The Team Final Smash is a feature in Super Smash Sisters. Players can team with their certain helper character to do a more powerful attack to the opponent. Unlike some of the regular final smashes, these are cutscene-like. It starts with a punch which must connect for the team final smash to activate.

List of Team Final Smashes

  • The Bullhorn Train (requires Amy Rose and Bald Bull):Bald Bull puts Amy who has her Piko Piko Hammer out on his right shoulder and he starts to run in place. An illusion track is laid for the 2. During this at full speed, Bald Bull will start in Turkish "I will pulverize anyone...." while Amy says "Get ready........ cause here i go!" then Bald Bull charges with his head and Amy has her hammer ready to pierce through while the boxer shouts "who looks at me the wrong way man!" in Turkish. The opponent and her partner are shocked then hit and blasted away. After the final smash, Amy dismounts Bald Bull while she says "We could do crash tests at my home like this." Bald Bull replies to her in Turkish "Even Little Mac can't survive it."
  • Spirits of Vengeance (requires Krystal and Sokaku):Krystal does some graceful moves while Sokaku shakes his staff as he goes "Namu namu namu namu." After Krystal stops, she and the monk swing their arms to the left. The Krazoa and a thunder demon surround the opponent. The spirits shoot themselves past the opponent and her partner while the demon then does a left arm swing them a hammer pound which erupts thunder and blasts the opponent off. Sokaku then covers his face with his hat saying "The gods be with us." while Krystal who has her hands on her hips says "The goddess of Cerinia that is."
  • Wolf Right Eye (requires Nailah and Kojuro):Nailah strikes a fighting pose saying "This is never right to strike a queen!" while Kojuro gets out his secondary sword saying "Lord Masamune would have my head if i had not protected a woman." Nailah charges first and attacks the opponent with 3 punches while Kojuro does one of his SB skills. After the opponent is knocked into the air, Nailah follows after doing a graceful spinning right kick then a heel kick that sends the opponent to the ground. Kojuro sensing the descent finishes the job with his Narukami skill. Nailah then lands and she comments "Your master and i could make a lone left eye couple." Kojuro smirks then says "You can count on my protection your excellency."
  • Lily-pad Crash (Requires Amanda and Slippy):Amanda takes out grenades and says "What a romantic view Slippy!" while Slippy sets the grenades to blow after impact, then he says "Sure is Amanda! Go get 'em my girl!" Amanda then throws her grenades at her scared opponent and partner. The opponent is bombarded for 10 grenades, then when the opponents try to get up, Amanda and Slippy crush the opponent by the head like frogs jumping to a lily-pad. We then see a green heart appear near Amanda and Slippy as Amanda says "These lily-pads are comfortable for love." Slippy chuckles then says "I'll always love you Amanda."
  • Meteor Smash (Requires Mrs. Arrow and John Crawley):Mrs. Arrow prepares a red energy attack while Crawley prepares his Mega Smash. "Time for a real meteor shower!" Mrs. Arrow shouts, then she and John fires their projectiles. They combine into a giant ball of energy and it blows the opponent and her partner away. Crawley chuckles and says "Another obstacle removed!"
  • Love and Hate Arrows (Requires Tsuruhime and Shinon):Tsuruhime puts some pink arrows on her bow saying "You poor guys have no love love. Don't worry, I'll fix it!" then she fires her pink arrows at the opponent and her partner. When they touch, the opponent and her helper will begin to fall for Tsuruhime. They fail to notice Shinon who has prepared red arrows on his bow. He says "Distraction is never a word for my name!" Shinon then fires his arrows and the result is explosions that blow away the opponent and her helper. Tsuruhime then aims for the sky saying "We're ready to use arrows for anything Shinon!" Shinon crouches near her and he aims at the screen "You're a fine young one, better than Rolf even!"
  • Moon Clumsy Baseball (Requires Sailor Moon and Yoshishige):Sailor Moon starts up her Moon Scepter as Yoshishige spins his spear saying "Your ignorance can get you no where." to the opponent. As Sailor Moon misfires, she sends her projectile at Satake, but he swings his spear to the right quickly then the projectile goes for the opponent. After the opponent is blown away, Yoshishige raises his spear as he says "Even as klutzes, we can still be loyal and deadly."
  • Nature Overdrive (Requires Nakoruru and Yoritsuna Anegakoji):Nakoruru prays "Mother nature, you must help up in the fight!" while Yoritsuna holds his sword up and prays "Oh forests of nature, give us your power!" then 2 seemingly harmless plants grow near the opponent. Just as the opponent admires the flower, they turn carvinous with teeth and one of them swallows the opponents torso whole, while the second bites on the target's legs. After some chewing, the plants spit the opponents away and they burp. Nakoruru then finishes "We must all hope the environment can be peaceful..." and Yoritsuna concludes "and development goes less into the forests."
  • Asian Undead Wrath (Requires Hsien-Ko and Harumasa):Harumasa summons 3 Chinese warriors with spears and he declares "Take your revenge." The zombies then assault the opponent with their weapons before Hsien-Ko cuts the zombies and her opponent away. After the dust settles, Hsien-Ko comments "Know that I'm dead too." while Nanbu tells her "A Jiang-Shi for my undead army."
  • Groovy Dreamer (Requires Tiffany and Glass Joe):Glass Joe tells Tiffany in French "The greater your chesty is, the quicker my punches fly!" Tiffany smirks and does a Groovy Punch at the French boxer. The boxer then flies comically into the opponent with a comic explosion. Tiffany then smiles for the camera "That's for perverting boxers who look at my lovely boobs." Glass Joe then lands near her head first.
  • Golden Deception (Requires Minnie Mouse and Buffaloman):Minnie throws the Kinniku Golden Mask to the opponent's face and points out "Hey, I sighted Kinnikuman! He's wearing that gold mask!" Buffaloman then brings his Akuma Chojin flunkies in and he orders "Get 'em!" Then he and his henchmen beat up the opponent and her partner in a brawl cloud. During the beating, Minnie giggles and says to them "Took just mask to trick ya'!" Buffaloman then knocks the opponents away with his Hurricane Mixer while the Golden Mask falls down. He looks down in guilt, while Minnie cheers him up with a smile and says "Sorry if I lied that it was Suguru." They then both thumbs up.
  • Sexy Barrage (Requires a dancer or swim suit character and Takeda Army Trooper): As the player girl begins to dance around and charm her opponent, her Takeda trooper orders "Riflemen into line!" After Takeda riflemen appear the trooper orders "Ready?" Once the riflemen arm themselves the "Fire!" order is given and the opponent is riddled in a barrage of bullets. After the barrage, the soldiers cheer while the dancer gives her hands up in a cheering manner.

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