Miles "Tails" Prower

Attack: 2/5

Speed: 4/5

Attack Speed: 3/5

Jump: 5/5

Air Speed: 3/5

Reach: 4/5

Gravity: 2/5

Weight: 2/5

Traction: 1/5

Height: 3/5


Tails alternate colors

Tails changes the tint of his body fur, shoes and wristbands.

(Default) Orange


Red (Colorswap)








ENTRANCE Tails comes into the battlefield from his plane the tornado.


Up: Gets into his victory pose from Sonic 3.   Side: Flies up while giving the thumps up while saying I can do it

Down: Spins then falls on the ground with his hand behind his head.

VICTORY POSE Tails flies up into a backflip and says "I did it Sonic!"

Tails looks around with a grin and says "hahaha I Won! I Won"

Tails flies up and hovers while saying "I did my best!"

WII REMOTE CHOICE Says "I can do it!"

ABILITIES being a mechanical genius he can hold bob-omb without them exploding in his hands


A: Punch  

A,A: Punch,Punch

A, A, A: Punch, Punch, Tails swipe

Dash attack: Tails spins his tails around


Up: Tails swipes the opponent with his tails over his head.

Foward: Tails swipes the opponent foward.

Down: Tails hits the ground with his tails one by one.


Up:Tails launches himself with his tails and shoots his feet upwards.

Forward: whacks opponnent with a wrench

Down: Tails spins around with his tails hitting the floor.


Other Ledge Attack: Tails attacks with a upward foot sweep.

100% Ledge Attack: Tails leans upside down the shoots himself with his tails to kick the opponent.

Floor Attack: Tails kicks foward while his tails stretch back.


Neutral A: Spins his tails.

Forward A: shoots his tails foward.

Up A: Tails rotates his tails up.   

Down A: Slams them with his tails.

Back A: Tails hits them with his tails one by one.


Grab: Grabs with both of his tails.

Grab + A: hits with one of his tails.

Side Throw: Spins then throws his opponent.

Up Throw: Flies the opponent upwards then slams them down.  

Down Throw: Tails whacks them with his wrench.

Back Throw: Tails backicks them backwards.


B: Dummy Ring Bombs. Tails throws 3 Rings to stun opponents.

Side B: Rapid Tails Attack. Tails spins with his body foward you can continue this attack by tapping the B button. opponents get trapped if they are hit.

Up B: Propeller Flight. Tails increases upwards altitude the control are similar to Pits UpB but you can stay in one place by holding B.

Down B: Thunder Shoot. If Tails grabs an opponent he will shoot them foward like a cannonball with electricity, this can damage other opponents too.

FINAL SMASH "Cyclone" Tails controls his machine from Sonic Adventure 2. While in it you can shoot missles with the Bazooka, hover with the Booster. You are invincible and you can jump, this form lasts 10 seconds.

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