Gender Male
Species Black Hole Spirit
Universe Nintendo
First Appearence Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Other Appearences Any games featured him as the Main Antagonist

Tabuu is the ultimate final boss. Contrary to popular opinion, he didn't control the Master Hand in the past games. Rather, he has kidnapped the Master Hand and uses the Hand's identity to oversee operations in Smash World. He is the ultimate evil and the true main antagonist of the Smash Bros series.


Early Life

He was created by Master Core as a servant, but then he betrayed and Master Core then created the Master Hand and Crazy Hand to stop him and Tabuu lost, as the hands created the Ancients, the Ancient Minister's people and the R.O.B robots. 

Life on Smashinia

He landed on Smashinia (Today World of Trophies) and created himself as a equal to the . Unlike his equal who was the Light one, Tabuu resented Darkness and Chaos so the equals fought and Tabuu lost again, 70 years later Tabuu invaded again but this time he created himself an army to take over the island and almost succeded but the very first ancient Smashers defeats him and seal him into another dimension known as Subspace.

Fighting Tactics

Tabuu's fighting tactics haven't really changed since Brawl, but he does have one new move. A barrage of dark energy spheres, remnant of his combining his powers with those of Shadow Lugia.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl II

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl II, Tabuu didn't appear, but the last his powers did in the form of a crystal ball. Dead Master and some other villains plan to used his power to kill the ones who killed him then archieve the plan he plotted. So they used half of it to revive some deceased villains.

In Smash Team Ace

Tabuu will appear in Smash Team Ace as an antagonist. He will also more than likely also be mentioned by name in Super Smash Bros. Omega, Smash Team Ace's predecessor.

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