T-800 is the terminator from the future that Arnold Schwarzenegger made famous in the first two teminator movies! Now he appears in Subspace Chronicles as a ally to stop the return of the Subspace Army!


"Hasta la vista, baby."
Character Information
Gender Male
Debut year
Console of origin
Game Information
Voice actor

Special Abilities

T-800 has no special abilities.

Special Moves

  • Nuetral Special Move: Shotgun

Description: T-800 will take out a shotgun which he will shot at his foes and knock away any nearby foes.

  • Side Special Move: Metal Pipe

Description: T-800 will take out a metal pipe which he will hit the foe with it. This move has the same effects as the Home Run Bat.

  • Up Special Move: Rocket Launcher

Description: T-800 will take out a rocket launcher, which he will fire a single rocket at a foe that has enough force to take away any foes that gets hit by it.

  • Down Special Move: Savage Toss

Description: T-800 will grab the foe by the arm and swings the foe into the air with a explosion that comes from his hand.

  • Final Smash: Hasta la vista, baby.

Description: T-800 will make a giant laser cannon appear from a dimensional rift and blast a giant laser from it straight at his foes, which can send any foes flying if hit by it.

Role in Subspace Chronicles

T-800 first appears in the adventure mode of Super Smash Bros. Trinity: Subspace Chronicles, Subspace Chronicles, he appears in the Destroyed City where he teams up with Domon Kasshu and fights against the Subspace Army. T-800 also encounters Master Asia there with Domon and learns about the Dark Gundam, which send DG Cell copies of T-800 and Domon at them from the Guyana Highlands as Master Asia escaped from the city.

T-800 and Domon defeat the DG Cell copies and travel off to the Guyana Highlands where they split up and T-800 ends up encountering Larxene and Axel then he fights against Larxene. After the fight with Larxene, T-800 travels off into the jungle within the Guyana Highlands insearch of the Dark Gundam.

T-800 was last seen in Guyana Highlands after he was defeated by Master Asia and taken away to a unknown location.

Trophy Description


A cyborg being used by the Rebellion in the future where Tabuu have took over the World of Trophies so he was send back in time to help the others to take down Tabuu.

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