Swamp prt 2 The Swamp is a level in The Ninjai Revolt in Super Smash Bros. Revolution.

When Mametchi comes out of the box and discovers a crashed Arwing near the jungle. He races over to it, only to be confronted by a Krotoa that has emerged from the Oozing Swamps. Krotoa uses a Strong attack on the Arwing, destroying it. Mametchi looks on, scared. He is then picked up by Krotoa, who Carries off with him. Suddenly, both Fox McCloud and Tails emerge from the Arwing, and attack Krotoa, who Falls to the Swamp. But, he returns shortly afterward. Mametchi, Fox and Tails fight him, eventually defeating him. Fox and Tails both end up teaming up with Mametchi, and they explore the area until they encounter a Mecha Bowser. They defeat him; however, they had just fought False Ninjai Bowser, and had not defeated the real one, who starts firing his Dark Cannon at them.Fox grabs Mametchi and runs away Tails Following shooting Missles behind them, as Bowser dodges and laughs menacingly.

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