part 5 the group defeats metal sonic and bowser jr leaves their trophies and make their way to the main room. They see the portal and enter it knowing master hand was on the other side. On the other side they see mewtwo bowser and ganondorf and behind them is a unconscious and powerless master hand the group attack and bowser and ganondorf engage the group in battle

the group manage to defeat bowser and ganondorf and turn them into trophies. Mewtwo angered by this uses the star rod and absorbs bowser and ganondorf and transforms into a being that is a fusion of the three villans the being is called megabo. Megabo using the power of master hand shoots a beam out of his horns at the characters the characters get turned into trophies all except mario luigi sonic and shadow. Megabo sees this and begins charging another attack we then hear geno whirl and megabo's horns get broken off. Megabo retreats into the air towards final destination. Geno appears and throws mario luigi sonic and shadow the chaos emeralds and tells them to go after megabo. Mario luigi sonic and shadow use the emeralds and turn into super mario super luigi super sonic and super shadow. (note this is just a story idea you fight megabo normally but mario and luigi's clothes are white overalls with yellow shirts and hats and sonic and shadow have their super form color schemes.) the four travel to final destination where they confront megabo and engage in battle with him

mario luigi sonic and shadow defeat megabo and he turns into trophies of mewtwo bowser and ganondorf. The star rod appears beside the mewtwo trophy. Geno appears with all the characters revived. Geno uses the star rod to restore master hand's power. Master hand gets up and revives mewtwo ganondorf and bowser. Mewtwo looks at master hand with anger. Master hand asks mewtwo how he got here. Mewtwo says he didn't know. geno tells mewtwo that olimar rob lucas and toon link had built a portal to the old world and when they entered it mewtwo must have been thrust through by accident. Master hand then says he would of brought mewtwo here but before he could he was taken over by tabuu. Mewtwo apologizes to master hand for wanting revenge on him bowser and ganondorf also apologize. Geno then announces that he will watch over the star rod to ensure that it doesn't get misused again. sonic gathers up the chaos emeralds and master hand sends the characters back to their worlds

The End

notice these things happened during the credits

the other villains get revived and all go their separate ways. zero two was destroyed. Andross went back to the lylat system. Porky lost his spider mech and went into hiding. eggman went to go think up a plan to defeat sonic. black shadow still tries to defeat captain falcon. metal sonic went to train to one day be able to defeat sonic. ridley and samus continued their long hood hatred of each other. bowser and bowser jr went on to continually kidnap peach only to be defeated by mario and luigi. ganondorf decided to chase after geno to get the star rod although he never managed to do so and he gives up and goes back to try to conquer hyrule. wario went to find more treasure. dedede still is harassing kirby. and mewtwo decided to spend his life reflecting on his actions

when you get bowser bowser jr geno king k.rool ganondorf waluigi ridley wolf mewtwo black shadow and metal sonic on your team in adventure mode it is like the subspace emissary adventure mode. In that you can still play through the levels and fight bosses but the cutscenes don't play. If you fight megabo you can use any character and they will be in their default color scheme and after you defeat megabo the credits will appear

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