part 4 nearby sonic and friends are still looking for more emeralds when shadow mario sneaks up on them and steals shadow and sonic's emeralds. Shadow mario runs off. Sonic and shadow are upset that mario would steal the chaos emeralds and sonic and shadow peruse shadow mario. The rest of the group don't think that is mario and chase after sonic and shadow

at a clearing the two teams minus mario luigi sonic and shadow meet up and wonder where each other's team mate is. Over in another area. Mario and luigi have found sonic and shadow and vise versa. The four engage in battle.

when the opponent team is beaten the other team will look for the emeralds they thought the team stole. When they don't find them. The other characters come in and tell them that the character they fought weren't the one's they were looking for. The winning team will revive the losing team and explain that it was a misunderstanding. Both teams will join up. Overhead the halberd flies and lands near the other characters. Captain falcon and co emerge and tells everyone of mewtwo's plot to overthrow master hand with the chaos emeralds and the star rod. Wario looks annoyed as he knew this. Kirby getting a pain in his stomach spits up the red chaos emerald. All the characters notice the emerald but it is soon swiped by shadow mario. The koopa clown car flies overhead and shadow mario jumps in the characters look bowser shadow mario and metal sonic as they fly away and decide to stop mewtwo at all costs. They all board the halberd and fly to mewtwo's lair.

Back at mewtwo's lair bowser bowser jr and metal sonic return with four more emeralds and two more trophies. Mewtwo puts the emeralds in the machine and the trophies away in the castle. As the machine begins to charge a weakened zero then flies in with black shadow revived and tells them that dedede has joined the other side and the heroes might be coming here. Mewtwo has zero revived as zero two. black shadow eggman in his new egg brawler ridley porky in his meta spider mech bowser jr metal sonic zero two and andross guard the castle and stall the heroes while the machine charges. Mewtwo bowser and ganondorf gather by the machine and laugh mainaicly knowing when the machine finishes charging they can go to master hand and absorb his power with the star rod.

The halberd almost reaches the castle when the castle begins firing at the halberd Meta knight who is piloting the ship doesn't want it destroyed again and lands the ship just outside of the castle walls. The characters climb out of the ship and begin making the way towards the castle

the characters make their way to the castle entrance and confront porky in his mega spider mech. The characters fight porky and defeat him. And continue inside the castle. The revive yoshi and diddy kong in the process. When they reach the next room they are confronted by ridley

the characters defeat ridley and leave him as a trophy and continue on reviving spyro and crash in the process. The find eggman in his new egg brawler and fight him

the characters defeat eggman and continue on reviving banjo kazooie and the ice climbers in the process. The then come to the castle hanger where black shadow and zero two are waiting. Zero two and black shadow The characters fight the two

the group destroys zero two and defeats black shadow and leaves black shadow as a trophy and continue on reviving game & watch and krystal in the process. The team reach the castle laboratory and find andross. The team fight andross

meanwhile after the defeat of zero two and black shadow the machine had finished charging and mewtwo ganondorf and bowser had entered the portal. The three made their way to master hand who demanded to know what ganondorf and bowser were doing here. Mewtwo emerges from behind them. Master hand wonders why mewtwo is here but before that mewtwo bowser and ganondorf engage in battle with master hand

the trio defeat master hand and use the star rod to absorb his power. During their little battle the hero characters were almost to the main room they had revived peach and zelda when they were ambushed by shadow mario and metal sonic. The group engaged the two in battle

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