back at mewtwo's lair a weakened ridley and porky arrive and give mewtwo the purple chaos emerald mewtwo and tell mewtwo that shadow is looking for the chaos emeralds mewtwo sends eggman to stop shadow. Eggman gets in his egg smasher and goes after shadow. Mewtwo seeing that the two are tired gets them to guard the castle. Andross rebuilds porky's spider mech and heals ridley and the two guard the castle

captain falcon and co have entered altea where marth ike and lyn are fighting against an army of bowser's dedede's and eggman's minions. Captain falcon and co help out by joining the fight

the group defeats the enemies and meets up with marth ike an lyn. The halberd then appears and blasts at the group. Marth gets turned into a trophy and the halberd's claw grabs it. The rest of the group flee inside of the castle. Black shadow sends in more shadow bugs to flush out the group. Inside the castle the group decide what to do when kirby wanders off. He finds a room where the glass ceiling has been broken and spies the red chaos emerald. Thinking its candy kirby eats it. Suddenly kirby is ambushed by more enemies. The rest of the group finds kirby and defeats the enemies. Outside black shadow attempts to level the castle by firing the halberd's main cannon at it. Captain falcon seeing this summons the falcon flier and the group get away before the castle gets destroyed by the halberd the group then chase the halberd

back with sonic and friends they continue to look for the chaos emeralds. Sonic manages to find the yellow emerald when they run into shadow and his team. Shadow demands that sonic hands him the emerald and sonic and shadow engage in battle

when the opponent is beaten the trophy is revived. Eggman then appears in his egg smasher and turns yoshi the ice climbers and banjo kazooie into trophies. The other fighters engage the egg smasher in battle

when the group beat the egg smasher eggman retreats with the three trophies in tow. The two groups join together and chase after eggman.

the group loses eggman but shadow senses another emerald nearby and the group go to find it

back at ganondorf's castle bowser returns with bowser jr and metal sonic and gives mewtwo the white chaos emerald. Eggman also returns and gives mewtwo trophies of yoshi banjo kazooie and the ice climbers. He also tells mewtwo that wario has joined the other side. Eggman goes to build a new robot. Mewtwo wonders if the fighter stand a match against him after all but ignores that and sends bowser to get more fighters and sends metal sonic and bowser jr to find the rest of the emeralds

back with captain falcon and co. the group have caught up with the halberd but the falcon flayer got shot down but the group managed to land on the halberd and the group enters the halberd

the group makes their way to the cockpit to find king dedede and black shadow. Dedede puts the ship on auto pilot and dedede and black shadow engage meta knight and captain falcon in battle. The rest of the group are forced to fight waddle dees

captain falcon and meta knight defeat dedede and black shadow and turns them into trophies the dark matter inside returns to zero The rest of the group appear with a revived marth the group then fights zero

the group weakens zero. zero grabs the black shadow trophy and returns to mewtwo. Meta knight then revives dedede. Dedede thanks the group and tells meta knight of mewtwo's plan to overthrow master hand with the star rod and the chaos emeralds. the group use the halberd and begin to travel to ganondorf's castle

back with mario and his team they are ambushed by metal sonic who steals the emerald mario had. Mario and his team give chase

the manage to catch up to metal sonic but bowser appears and turns spyro and crash into trophies. Bowser tries to zap them again but the trophy gun is destroyed by samus. Metal sonic grabs the spyro and crash trophies and hops in the koopa clown car and they both fly off. Mario tells everyone that they must stop sonic. Mario and luigi run off but the others don't think that is sonic. The rest chase after mario and luigi

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