during all of this a friendly match between mario and link was starting with peach zelda and luigi watching from the sidelines. Suddenly bowser and bowser jr appear mario and link fight them and defeat them. But metal sonic appears knocks luigi away and turns peach and zelda into trophies. Mario luigi and link think metal sonic is the real sonic. Metal sonic revives bowser and bowser jr and the three fly away in the koopa clown car with peach and zelda in tow. Link luigi and mario give chase

Link luigi and mario continue chasing the koopa clown car. Bowser tries to shoot link and mario with the trophy gun but it gets destroyed by one of pit's light arrows. The koopa clown car gets away and mario notices something glittering. Mario picks it up and it turns out to be the cyan chaos emerald. Mario luigi and link wonder what it is and decide to continue on with pit joining the team

in another area fox and falco are training in their airwing's with krystal watching. Fox notices the halberd But before he and falco can react. Both of their airwings are shot down. Fox and falco land safely. The halberd releases a bunch of shadow bugs which form into minions of dedede and bowser. Fox falco and krystal engage in battle with them

fox falco and krystal defeat all the enemies but krystal gets turned into a trophy by black shadow. The halberd's claw grabs the krystal trophy. Black shadow goes for another shot but kirby rides in on his warp star and destroys the trophy gun. Black shadow gets back on the halberd and flies away. Fox kirby and falco pursue the halberd and meet up with meta knight and captain falcon. The five chase after the halberd

at another area we find sonic and knuckles searching for the chaos emeralds and tails. They run into shadow moses island where they find snake fighting against eggman's forces. Sonic and knuckles join in the fight

after the battle sonic explains the situation to snake and the three continue to search for tails and the chaos emeralds

in another area we find donkey kong and diddy kong chasing after king k.rool who has stolen the banana hoard. They corner him and engage king k.rool in battle

donkey kong diddy kong and beat king k.rool and turn him into a trophy. Donkey kong chooses to revive him and king k.rool runs away leaving the banana hoard behind. Just then diddy kong is blasted with a trophy gun by bowser and bowser jr. metal sonic grabs the trophy and the three attempt to shoot donkey kong when shadow appears and destroys the gun with a chaos spear. Shadow also has found the green chaos emerald. Bowser bowser jr and metal sonic get away. And shadow chases after them with donkey kong following him so they can rescue diddy

in another area samus and megaman are having a friendly match when ridley attacks. Samus and megaman engage in battle with ridley

ridley defeats megaman and samus and attempts to take their trophies but pikachu intervenes and causes ridley to run away. Pikachu revives samus and megaman and the three chase after ridley

samus pikachu and megaman lose ridley but continue on anyway

over in yoshi's island yoshi has found the blue chaos emerald. Yoshi goes to inspect it but gets turned into a trophy by wario. Wario grabs the emerald and is about to grab yoshi when he is hit by a grenade egg. Banjo kazooie appears and revives yoshi. Wario not wanting to fight an angry yoshi hops on his bike and gets away. Yoshi angry at wario chases him with banjo kazooie following him

wario manages to get away thanks to bowser yoshi and banjo kazooie continue on anyway

back at ganon's castle the portal had been finished and bowser bowser jr and metal sonic returned with trophies of diddy kong peach and zelda the halberd returns and black shadow gives mewtwo a trophy of krystal. Mewtwo puts the five trophies away. Wario then hops out of the clown car and gives mewtwo the blue chaos emerald. Mewtwo puts the emerald in the machine. Bowser and bowser jr goes to get more characters dedede zero and black shadow go to get more characters in the halberd and wario and metal sonic go looking for more chaos emeralds

over at the pokemon stadium. Ness is watching pokemon trainer and lucario having a battle when porky attacks. Porky blasts charizard and ivysaur and turns them into trophies. Ness pokemon trainer and lucario then battle porky.

pokemon trainer ness and lucario defeat porky's spider mech and porky is caught outside of his mech. Just then ridley flies in and grabs porky just as samus megaman and pikachu are chasing after him. pokemon trainer recaptures ivsaur and charizard and the six chase ridley the team lose ridley but continue on anyways

over in the forest mario luigi link and pit have found metal sonic and are chasing after him.

midway they find spyro and crash fighting over the white chaos emerald. Crash thinks the emerald is candy and spyro is trying to stop him from eating it Metal sonic then appears and turns crash into a trophy and grabs crash and the white chaos emerald mario luigi link pit and spyro continue chasing metal sonic

at the end of the level the group confront metal sonic and attack him. But before they reach him bowser and bowser jr appear and metal sonic hops aboard the clown car Pit and link shoot at the clown car and causes metal sonic to drop the crash trophy. Spyro revives crash and the six of them chase after bowser

near the mountains wario is chasing the ice climbers. Wario turns nana into a trophy and popo becomes upset. Yoshi and banjo kazooie find popo and they chase after wario up the mountain.

the three reach the top and engage wario in battle. They defeat wario and yoshi revives wario asking him what happened wario refused to talk but see the purple chaos emerald wario jumps for it but both him and the emerald down the mountain. At that time ridley flies by with porky on his back. Porky grabs the emerald but leaves wario to fall but shadow appears and uses chaos control and saves wario. The group revive nana and make their way down the mountain where donkey kong is comforting popo. nana and popo then reunited. Wario gets angry at ridley and porky and decides to join up with shadow and his team. Shadow refuses but wario tells him of mewtwo's plot to overthrow master hand using the star rod and the chaos emeralds. Shadow donkey kong yoshi banjo kazooie wario and the ice climbers go after ridley to retrieve the emerald he stole.

the team loses ridley but continue on anyway

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