Note: Since this is the official script and not book style, I will say when characters will enter and what not. also I already have this wrote down but I'm a lazy person so won't type it all that quickly which means the more fans I have the more motivated to get it done quickly I'll be. :) i also just noticed this might not be the best opening but read it to the end (if i ever bother to write that far) because it gets good.

Peach's Castle; Melee; Bowser, Peach (scene opens with Peach standing behind Bowser on the right part of the stage) ???: Bowser Bowser: Who's there? ???:Mario will be here soon. He will defeat you. Listen to me or you will lose. Bowser: Where’s that voice coming from? ???: Listen to me Bowser. You must create an explosion big enough to enter. Bowser: No way! Mario jumps on screen Mario: Let-sa go. Bowser: Mario? He is here. Just like the voice said. They fight. Bowser is eventually grabbed and thrown off screen Peach: Thank you Mario. Mario: Okey Dokey Peach: I’m worried. Bowser was talking to himself. He said something about a voice. Mario: It’s-a noting. Peach: I hope so.

Temple; Melee; Link, Ganondorf (scene opens with Ganondorf facing Link on the bottom left of the stage)

???: Ganondorf! You will fail. He will defeat you again

Ganondorf: huh? ???: Shoot to blasts of energy together. Ganondorf: …Where is that? Link: …. ???: Do it now! Link: Heeya! Link hits Ganondorf off the stage. Zelda falls from above Zelda: Link I don’t think this is over just yet. I sense a strange presence. Link: … Zelda: I think we should return to the castle. We must prepare for the worst

Hanebow; Brawl; Bowser Bowser: Oooo. My head. ???: You should have listened to me Bowser: Who are you? ???: You’ve lost yourself peach now. It doesn’t matter though. We will still win. Bowser: We... Will win? ???: Throw two bo-bombs together Bowser: Why should I listen to you? ???: Your not getting anywhere by your self. You will loose and loose again with out my help. I have a plan that will destroy not only Mario but any one who stands in our way. Bowser: Grrr… What do I have to do? ???: I told you twice already! Throw two Bo-Bombs together! Bowser picks up a bo-bomb and throws it at another disappearing into the explosion.

Temple; Brawl; Ganondorf Ganondorf: Damn kid. Getting me by surprise. ???: Maybe if you had listened to me you would of won. No matter victory is still attainable. Ganondorf: I lost because of you! Who are you? ???: I am some one who’s power exceeds your own. Ganondorf: Not likely. I am the wielder of the Triforce of power. ???: Yet you cant win. Not now and not ever. Unless you listen to me. Ganondorf: And why should I? ???: Because you will gain the ability to not only rule Hyrule but the power to command worlds. Ganondorf: Worlds… ???: Yes more then one. Ganondorf: Then we have a deal.

Brinstar Depths; Melee; Bowser, Ganondorf (Scene opens with both Bowser and Ganondorf appearing on screen via explosions) Bowser: Who are you? Ganondorf: You do not know. Then you are not the one who contacted me. Was it you? (Ganondorf look to Krain) ???: No it was not him. He is merely a guard. Bowser: Where are you? Let’s talk face to face. ???: Not yet. First you must prove yourself. The two of you will dispose of someone for me. If you succeed him you will make your first step of our dominance. Both Bowser and Ganondorf look at each other Ganondorf: You can count on me Bowser: Piece of cake.

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