Smash Series

Brawleé is a fan-fic smash series or a machinima as somelike to call it. Those that are familar with smash bros on you tube are bound to know what I'm talking about but for others I will explain. A smash series is kind of like a movie made with smash bros video footage. It can be voice acted or sub titled. It plays out a story with the smash fighters playing the roll of characters and the stages the setting. There is not really much to it. Before reading my one I will give you some links to good smash series that have become well known. , , and

My One

Now as for my one. So far most smash series have been created using melee but many with brawl are appearing. Few have been finished yet. My one because some melee only characters are vital is made using melee and brawl. I would deeply like to see this created and posted on you tube but I don't have the neceassery capture devices or hacking tools to record it. If you are reading this and have a copy of melee and brawl and what is needed to make it then please, please contact me and we will begin production together online.

The plot

There are many worlds in the gamming universe that are unknown to each other. They remain close but never come into contact with each other. Until one day a mysterious creature calling himself legendary emerges and finds the means to cross and conquer every world. It is up to the heroes of every game genre of all ages to band together and stop this mighty foe.

Part 1

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