Super Smash Bros. U.C. takes place in a time of peace.The newly formed Fighters Alliance has started a super mega hunt-down tournament were all fighters must battle to become Ultimate Champion.The Player must create a fighter and compete and win the torniment.


Mario Sonic Luigi Knukles Tails Peach Daisy Bowser Ness Lucas Baby Mario Baby Luigi Toad Toadette Silver Shadow Amy Link Toon Link Pokemon Trainer (Squrtle,Ivysaur,and,Charizard) Pokemon Trainer Ver. 2 (Piplup,Grotle,and,Infernape) Lucario Machoke Mewtwo Ice Climbers R.O.B. Young Link Fox Falco Wolf Marcus Sparks Krystal Zelda Toon Zelda Young Zelda Mr.Game & Watch Gannondorf Samus Dark Samus Chozo Finn Jake Pit Jiggilypuff Pikachu Donkey Kong Diddy Kong Tiny Kong Capt. Falcon Blood- Falcon Olimar Louie Marth Ike Lyn Yoshi Wario Waluigi Snake Grey Fox,Kirby,Meta Knight,King Dedede,Waddle Doo

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