The Alien Fighter from Ben 10 and Ben 10: Alien Force join the battle

How to Unlock

  • Complete the challenge Ben, and a couple of Aliens
  • Find Ben's Omnitrix Crystals in The Cave in the Adventure Mode: Nintendo Shake-Down!!

Note:You must defeat Ben in a standard match after 1 of the above requirements is met in order to unlock him.

A: A punch (Four Arms)

AA: Another punch (Chromastone)

AAA: A hand slap (Shocksquatch)

Side tilt: A sword swipe (Diamond Head)

Down tilt: A forward roll (Wildmutt)

Up tilt: A fiery uppercut (Swampfire)

Side smash: A windup punch (Humungousaur)

Down smash: A sound dome (Echo Echo)

Up smash: A gravity blast (Gravattack)

Dash attack: A quick strike (XLR8)

Ledge attack: A bite (Ripjaws)

Neutral air: A spin (Terraspin)

Forward air: A electric energy blast (Brainstorm)

Back air: A spinning kick (Kickin Hawk)

Down air: A downwards stomp (Spidermonkey)

Up air: A disc spin (Goop)

Grab: A long reach grab (Wildvine)

Pummel: A punch to the gut (Frankenstrike)

Forward throw: A forward blast (Eye Guy)

Back throw: A body slam (Rath)

Down throw: A water blast (Water Hazard)

Up throw: An upwards freeze blast (Articguana)

Neutral special: Heatblast Fire: Heatblast shoots fire. You can tap for a fireball, and hold for a continuous stream

Neutral special 2: Upgrade Beam: Upgrade shoots a laser blast

Neutral special 3: Blitz Wave: Blitzwolfer shoots a sonic scream that stuns opponents

Side special: Up-Chuck: Upchuck reaches out with his mouth tentacles and grabs at a foe. Then he pulls them into his mouth before spitting them out

Side special 2: Chill Beam: Big Chill shoots an ice beam that freezes opponents)

Side special 3: Amp Charge: Ampfibian charges forward and zaps the nearest opponent

Down special: Cannonbolt Charge: Cannonbolt charges up a spin and zoom forward (like Sonic's spin dash)

Down special 2: Armodrillo Quake: Armodrillo pounds the ground and spires come out

Down special 3: Clock Werk: Slow down time for anyone near you

Up special: Stink Flight: Fly around as Stinkfly, average and able to shoot gunk

Up special 2: Jet Flight: Fly around as Jetray, faster, but less time

Up special 3: Bloxx Jump: Bloxx uses himself as leverage to leap up

FS: Way Big: Ben turns into Way Big, then shoots a cosmic ray across the whole screen. 

FS Alt: Alien X: Ben turns into Alien X and blasts energy all over the place 

Taunt: Ben turns into Greymatter, shakes his head and turns back

Taunt 2: Ben turns into Snare-oh, collapses into a pile of bandages then reforms

Taunt 3: Ben turns into Ditto, stacks into a pyramid and then turns back

Victory theme: (It tried)

Victory animation: Ben fiddles with the Omnitrix before turning into Astrodactyl and flying off

Victory animation 2: Ben triumphantly hits the Omnitrix which turns him into Nanomech

Victory animation 3: Ben pulls out a video game and plays it

Losing animation: Ben claps politely

Crowd cheer: Ben 10!

Costumes: Different colors and one based off Albedo

Kirby:Kirby get's Ben's hair and an Omnitrix

Palutena Guidance:

Pit: Who's that?

Palutena: That's Benjamin Kirby Tennyson, also known as Ben 10

Pit: He doesn't seem too special

Palutena: It's that watch, the Omnitrix

Pit: What does it do?

Palutena: It can turn him into different creatures.

Pit: Whoa!

Palutena: It's pretty impressive right?

Pit: Do you think he could scan a Pokemon?

Palutena: Who knows? Just be careful of his alien forms

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