Game Data

  • System(s):Wii,DS
  • Wii Extras:Import PKMN from Diamond/Pearl or Platinum,Play as Miis
  • EXTRAS:Wi-Fi Compatible


Default Characters


colud suite


tails miles poswer the fox

MarioProfile YoshiProfile
PeachProfile BowserJr.Profile
BowserProfile DKProfile
DiddyKongProfile WarioProfile
MonaProfile PikachuProfile
RedProfile LeafProfile
PiplupProfile FoxProfile
CroagunkProfile MiiProfile
Wii Exclusive Character
SamusAranProfile ZeroSuitSamusProfile
BabyMarioProfile LinkProfile
ZeldaProfile OlimarProfile
KirbyProfile LucasProfile
MetaKnightProfile KingBooProfile

Unlockable Characters


sonic the hedgehog

black mage

How to Unlock

mario vs boswer 999 times in king boo's stage

unlock sonic the hedgehog

LuigiProfile Beat Classic Mode's Level 1 witha 2 in the seconds meter
SudowoodoProfile Beat Classic Mode with 2 or less lives left
WaluigiProfile Beat Classic Mode as Wario
ToonLinkProfile pikachu vs link 999 times
WolfProfile fox in boss battle hardest
JigglypuffProfile unlock mew2
MewtwoProfile Beat Classic Mode as Lucario
LucarioProfile Beat Classic Mode with all of Male Pokemon Trainer's Pokemon
BirdoProfile Beat Classic Mode
SamuraiGorohProfile mario vs luigi in f-0 stages
TetraProfile unlock black mage
Plusel&MinunProfile pikachu in boss batt;e
File:KrystalProfile.png Beat Classic Mode as Fox McCloud
CaptainLouieProfile omiar classic mode
CaptainFalconProfile Complete Classic Mode as Samurai Goroh, with more than 1 life left.
KingDededeProfile Play a 1-on-1 versus match of Kirby vs. Meta Knight, and have Meta Knight win.
PrincePuff Play a 1-on-1 versus match of Kirby vs. Meta Knight, and have Kirby win.
Mr.LProfile Complete Classic Mode as Luigi, and Bowser.
PaperMarioProfile Play a 1-on-1 versus match of Mario vs. Mr. L, and have Mario win.
PaperPeachProfile Play a 1-on-1 versus match of Paper Mario vs. Peach and go into sudden death.
TomNookProfile Play a 1-on-1 versus match on Smashville (Brawl)
YinYarnProfile Play a 2-on-2 versus match of Kirby and Prince Fluff vs. King Dedede and Meta Knight.

Play a 1-on-1 versus match of Mario vs. Paper Mario.

"See Below"

When looking how to unlock someone and it says See Below, this is the place where you look.

The characters are only available to be unlocked in the Subspace Arena Adventure Mode. To unlock them, you have to find their special door and beat them:

NOTE: You must beat Subspace Arena to be able to locate, and fight them.

Character Level
link Forest
Wolf O' Donnel Cave
Jigglypuff Shore
mewtwo Subspace
Plusel & Minun The Subspace Bomb Factory 2
Tetra Cloud Land

Captain falcon





Default Stages

all type of characters that not unlock

Unlockable Stages

all type of characters that unlock

Other Stuff


historys of the characters


character builder

stage builder


all type of characters that unlock and not unlock


See Taunts

Beta Elements

See Super Smash Bros. Smash On!/Beta Elements

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