Super Smash Bros. Rumble² is an upcoming installment of Super Smash Bros. franchise. It will be released on the Wii, Xbox Kinect, GameCube, PS2 and the PS3.


Donkey Kong Series
Earthbound/Mother Series
F-Zero Series
Fire Emblem
Game & Watch Series
Ice Climber Series
Kid Icarus Series
Kirby Series
The Legend of Zelda Series
Mario Series
Metal Gear Series
Metroid Series
Pikmin Series
Pokemon Series
ROB Series
  • ROB (Unlockable)
Sonic the Hedgehog Series
Star Fox Series
Wario Series
Yoshi Series

New Characters

Animal Crossing Characters (Wii Exclusives)
Halo Series (Kinect Exclusive)
Digimon Series (PS2 Exclusive)
Stafy Series (GameCube Exclusive)
Pac-Man Series (PS3 Exclusives)


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