Short #1 Knock knock

Fox: Hey mario knock knock

Mario: Whos there

Fox: Interupting cow

Mario: Interupting cow---

Fox: MOO! Knock Knock

Mario: Whos there

Fox: Interupting sheep

Mario: Interuptin sheep----

Fox: BAAAAAA! Knock knock

Mario: Whos there T_T

Fox: Intrupting falcon

Mario: Interupting falcon?

Captain falcon: PAWNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Short #2 COME HERE!!

Wario: Come here ness!

Ness: PK THUNDER!!!!!

Wario: Wah ha ha your attacks are useless

Ness: AHHHHHHHH!!!! Help me lucas.

Lucas: No i'm gonna run away like a little puppy

Wario: You cant run from me

Lucas: Yea i can ur 2 phat

Wario: Crap

Story #1 Never use snakes cardboard box to mail a packages

Luigi: Ahhhhhh what a beutifal morning

Mario: Good morning luigi what are you up to

Luigi: Oh i'm about to mail a package

Mario: Who is it for

Luigi: Its for jigglypuff the new toys i bought her are inside

Mario: Wait isnt that snakes box

Luigi: Uhhhhhhh No *Sweatdrop*


Snake: Hey mario luigi sonic have you guys seen my box

Sonic: Nope

Mario: No

Luigi: I HAVENT USED IT TO MAIL A PAKAGE!!!!!!! heh heh heh heh

Snake: Did you use it to mail a PAKAGE

Luigi: No

Snake: Grrrrrrrrrrr

Luigi: YES!!!!! I DID!!!!!!

Snake: Get it back in 3 hours or else

Luigi: Dont worry snake Mario sonic and I--

Sonic: Pass

Luigi: uuuuuuu Mario and I will get your cardboard box back

So the 2 went off to get snakes cardboard box back in 3 hours what will happen next find out whenever i get to it

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