Smash bros stages. note i need ideas for stages for megaman spyro and crash and music for those stages. i also need a new fire emblem stage

smash bros 64 stages

mushroom kingdom

saffron city

melee stages

all stages from melee reappear with the exception of the past stages the battlefield and final destination stages

brawl stages

all stages from brawl reappear with the exception of pikmin distant planet and animal crossing wild world The green Hill Zone will have some changes. Instead of Silver, Tails and Knuckles appearing in the background(Tails and Knuckles are now playable characters and Silver is now an Assist Trophy), the characters will be Amy Rose, Rouge the Bat and Blaze the Cat. Cream the Rabbit will appear flying in the background of this stage as well.

new stages

gruntilda's castle banjo kazooie Your match takes place on top of one of the turrets. It's where Banjo and Kazooie had their final battle with Gruntilda in Banjo-Kazooie. There are no suspended platforms, just like Final Destination. Gruntilda can be seen flying her broomstick in the background. Occasionally, a jinjo appears and calls for help If you "rescue"(touch) the jinjo, it'll fly away leaving an item as a thank you gift. The items do not include the following:Pokeballs, Assist Trophies, Dragoon Parts, Smash Balls. Watch out though, occasionally a minjo appears instead of a jinjo(you can tell them apart by the fact that minjos have red eyes). If you "rescue" a minjo, it'll attack you.

Rainbow road mario kart wii

Rainbow Road is kind of a cross between Mario Circuit and stages like Melee's Mute City, Port Town, and Delfino Plaza. It has the same main hazard as Mario Circuit(although the karts are mixed in with bikes) and the main platform travels the course and settles down in select spots.

Scrap brain zone sonic the hedgehog 2

It's the classic Scrap Brain Zone. Ahhh, sweet, sweet memories. It's a medium-sized stage, about the size of the Pokemon Stadium from Melee. On the left-hand side of the screen(where you would have open space in the Pokemon Stadium stage), you have a conveyor belt that leads to a giant buzz-saw, try to steer clear of that. On the right-hand side(again,where you would have open space in the Pokemon Stadium stage), you have very little ground, most of the ground that is there is either covered in spikes or has flame jets in the floor. There are two floating platforms which will disappear and reappear at random

planet mario super mario galaxy

This a simple stage, but what makes this an interesting stage is that you can walk and fight on the "sides" and "bottom" of the planet. Your control schemes will change on the sides and bottom though, so it takes some getting used to. It's kinda like what Super Smash Bros. would be like if all the fighters were bugs.

Medusa bay ecco the dolphin

The fight takes place on an island in Medusa Bay, which is a level in the very first Ecco the Dolphin game. There's water on either side of the stage. There are two stage hazards. One, occasionally Ecco himself will jump out of the water from either the left or right side of the screen. If he hits you, he'll ricochet back into the water(no matter how far over the stage he is), and you'll be knocked over, leaving you briefly vulnerable to an attack. Two, In the water are Jellyfish and Sharks. If you're in the water and they touch you, you'll take damage. The damage you take depends on which creature touches you. The Jellyfish won't directly hurt you, they won't swim towards you, but they won't get out of your way either. The Sharks however are different. If they're around and you fall into the water, they'll actively swim towards you, doing more damage then the Jellyfish.

Cannon's core sonic adventure 2

the stage is like the Emerald Hill Zone stage in that you can travel offscreen by going of the side. A little stream cuts through the center of the stage. If you touch it, the current will carry you to a KO. Occasionally, the Biolizard will appear in the background. Don't worry, he's just for show.

Crocodile isle donkey kong 64

Crocodile Isle is not only the home of the Kremlings, but is also King K. Rool's hideout. This stage is very similar Melee's Icicle Mountain and Brawl's Rumble Falls. You start out at the base of Crocodile Isle and work your way up towards the top. The screen doesn't roll straight up, but rather diagonally around the fortress. Nothing really happens until you get closer to the top. If you touch fortress' big teeth, IT HURTS!!! You may even get KO'ed. But when you get to the top, a plane comes out of nowhere. Hop on the plane and it will take you back down to the bottom to start the cycle over again. You can fight while on the plane, but the plane takes off for the bottom 2 seconds after it appears. If you're not on the plane when it takes off, you get KO'ed.

Bowser's castle super mario bros

the classic battle between mario and bowser. The stage is like the battlefield stage but with hazards. You can't be ko'd from the bottom screen or top screen. Hazards include a faded bowser. Who when lights up shoots flames and throws hammers. An axe that when touched cause the bridge to fail and the players to fall into the lava. The bridge immediately reappears. There is a floating platform that is pass through

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