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bowser jr

Vincent: Hey Snake, You heard the expression "The apple dosen't fall far from the tree" right

Snake: Yeah... But what does this have to with the brat I'm fighting?

Vincent: That "brat" you're talking about happens to be Bowser Jr. and hes from Bowser's rotten family tree.

Snake: You mean thats Bowser's son?

Vincent: Yes. Bowser Jr. made his first appearance on Super Mario Sunshine where on Isle Delfino he framed Mario for polluted by using the Gadd Brush.

Snake: You're talking about that big paintbrush in his hand. How can you polluted an island with a paintbrush?

Vincent: Its not ordinary paintbrush... Its used to made drawing come to life but Bowser Jr. misuse it by plastered the island with graffiti and goop. Also he can turn into a dark version of mario

Snake: he imitates mario

Vincent: Well kind of shadow mario has a similar moveset to mario but he uses paint attacks so watch out

Snake: Gotcha! But theres one more thing I like to know...

Vincent: What is it?

Snake: Who is Bowser Jr's mother?

Vincent:Uh... Snake: You don't know do ya?

Vincent: No... Sorry Snake.

King k.rool

Snake: There's a fat alligator running around here. ...Or is it a crocodile?

Colonel: You must be talking about King K. Rool. He's the malevolent king of the Kremlings and the arch nemesis of Donkey Kong. He's tried so many times to steal D.K.'s hoard of bananas and even kidnapped D.K's family.

Snake: That gets me thinking... why would a carnivorous reptile put so much effort in stealing bananas from a bunch of monkeys?

Colonel: You know what, I have no idea why he would be doing such a thing. Listen, Snake, K. Rool uses his massive weight to crush his enemies. His ramming power is like that of a train. Don't underestimate him no matter how farfetch'd his schemes are.

Snake: Stealing bananas... it doesn't make sense.

Colonel: Snake, did you hear me?

Snake: What? Uh... right, no problem. I'm on it.


Snake: What kind of robot is this supposed to be?

Otacon: What, Geno? Oh, he's not a robot. He's a star using a jointed doll as an earthly body.


Otacon: One from the Star Road, to be specific. He descended to the terra firma after Smithy broke the Road apart to collect its shards. That doll, from which Geno got that nickname, seems to have gun-like properties. He can shoot bearings from it, or even his own fists.

Snake: Interesting...

Otacon: Oh yes--if he hits the Y button just right when he uses his Geno Whirl move...

Snake: Otacon...what are you talking about?

Otacon: Huh? Oh. Wrong thing. Sorry.


Snake: Colonel, this guy's not giving me a chance to do anything.

Colonel: I take it you must be facing Waluigi, then.

Snake: Waluigi? What kind of name is that?

Colonel: Waluigi is supposively Wario's brother and rival of Luigi. Don't underestimate him. His philosophy is to do whatever it takes to win, and I mean anything. Watch out when he pulls out his Liar Ball That is his strongest weapon.

Snake: Liar Ball?

colonel: it's a Whiskered Eggplant. Just touching that will make you lose your lunch.

Snake: Eugh. Sounds pretty nasty why would he use that

Colonel: Well, Snake, Waluigi has never really made his mark on the world. He's only appeared in sport events, parties, and other places like that. Now that he's here in nhb, he's taken his aggressiveness to the next level. Wario may know every trick in the book, but Waluigi probably wrote the book. Like always, be ready for anything.

Snake: Okay, Got it.



colonel: right Snake, Ridley is the leader of a group of space pirates.

Snake:"I know. Since then, Samus has had a huge vendetta against him. And he just won't stay down, Ridley can rebuild his body by devouring dead bodies, sickening. Ridley is personally responsible for the deaths of Samus's parents. Ever since that day he led the attack on her home colony, her blood boils every time she sees him. Samus told me about it last night."

Colonel:"What were you doing with Samus last night, Snake?"

Snake:"Uh, well, I, uh..."


Snake:"A dragon... Didn't think those things existed."

Mei Ling: "That's Spyro, Snake. And yes, he's real."

Snake:"Let me guess, he can fly and breath fire too."

Mei Ling:"Yep. And he can also breath ice and electricity. And watch out for his horns."

Snake:"How does something' breath' electricity?"

Mei Ling:"I don't know. Why don't you go ask him?"

Snake:"Okay. Be right back."


Snake:"Who or what is that?"

Colonel:"That's Crash Bandicoot."

Snake:"What's this guy's story?"

Colonel:"Crash was once an ordinary bandicoot until he was captured by Dr. Cortex. Dr. Cortex mutated him and stuck him into a machine that would make Crash a general in Cortex's army, but the machine said that Crash wasn't good enough."

Snake:"I'll bet Crash didn't like that."

Colonel:"Exactly, Cortex then ejected Crash from Cortex castle. Since then, Crash has decided to continuously foil Dr. Cortex's plans for world domination. And he boasts a rather unusual set of skills."

Snake:"Huh, guess I'll just have to expect the unexpected."


Snake: What? Another fox? Give me a break.

Otacon: So, Snake, I see that you're fighting Krystal. Krystal is the newest member of Team Star Fox. Hailing from Dinosaur Planet, Krystal uses telepathy to see where her enemies are hiding.

Snake: That made my job a bit more difficult. Still, I guess she's a valued member by Fox.

Otacon: Funny you should mention that. Fox and Krystal had some sort of relationship going on, but it got shakey as they continued to travel together as a team.

Snake: Oh, I get it. So... you don't think Krystal has some sort of grudge against Fox here in nhb, do you?

Otacon: Um... Ya know... I'd rather not get in the middle of that, and neither should you.

Snake: Just asking.


Snake: This Pokémon doesn't seem too friendly...

Naomi: That's Mewtwo, an advanced clone of Mew. He was designed solely to be the strongest Pokémon ever.

Snake: I can tell. His psychic powers are beyond anything I've seen. I wonder if I can even last this fight.

Naomi: Well, with all that power, Mewtwo is lonelier than you can imagine.

Snake: Is that so?

Naomi: Yes. Ever since he destroyed the lab that created him, he's fled into solitude with a large void in his heart. I bet that even now, his artificial soul longs for someone who can understand him and enrich him with a sense of humanity.

Snake: Hm. I can relate


Otacon: Looks like you're fighting Lyndis, Snake.

Snake: Yeah. I can't expect an easy fight here, though.

Otacon: You can say that again. Lyn is a skilled swordswoman from the Sacaen Plains. With that Mani Katti, she can slice the air itself. I'd be careful getting near her.

Snake: You don't need to lecture me on the obvious like some police officer, Otacon.

Otacon: C'mon now, remember what Sniper Wolf told you? Women are usually better soldiers than men. And Lyn, by herself, has beat plenty of men in her battles.

Snake: Alright, fine! Sheesh, cut me some slack

Black Shadow

Blood Falcon: Why, hello, Solid Snake

Snake: What the heck? Falcon? Is that you?

Blood Falcon: I'm his evil clone, Blood Falcon. Let me tell you, you have no chance against my master, the Emperor of Brutality, Black Shadow.

Snake: Black Shadow... he's F-Zero pilot number 30, isn't he?

Blood Falcon: Very good! Let me tell you this, my master has fooled millions into thinking he's died so many times, but he always comes back to strike fear and terror into their hearts. He's going to rule the universe and destroy Falcon in front of his fans. Are you scared?

Snake: Of course not. The bigger they are, the harder they fall.

Blood Falcon: I'll only give you one chance, Snake. Surrender yourself to my master and become his servant, or else...

Snake: Hah! You'll have to do better than that to scare me.

Blood Falcon: You've been warned...

Shadow the Hedgehog

Snake: Otacon, I already know about Sonic the Hedgehog.

Otacon: That's not Sonic, Snake. That's Shadow the Hedgehog.

Snake: Great, now there's TWO hedgehogs?

Otacon: Shadow has almost every ability that Sonic has, and with a Chaos Emerald in his hand, he can do alot more damage.

Snake: What are you talking about?

Otacon: He can warp time and space with the ability, Chaos Control, or with Chaos Blast, he could set off and explosion capable of leveling the entire stage. It's no wonder they call him the ultimate life form.

Snake: Ultimate Lifeform? If he's immortal, then how the heck am I suppose to beat him?

Otacon: I'm not sure, but this IS nhb, afterall. Now get out there and show Shadow what Solid Snake is made of.

Miles "Tails" Prower

Otacon: Oh! OH! Snake, do see that fox with the two tails?

Snake: Not another fox... wait a second. Did you say "TWO TAILS?!?"

Otacon: That's Miles Prower, better known as "Tails". He's like a kid brother to Sonic the Hedgehog. He's a rare breed of fox, and he's figured out how to fly by spinning his two tails like a helicopter propeller.

Snake: And is that why you're freaking out right now?

Otacon: N-No, not entirely. For someone of his age, he's a mechanical genius. He's built air planes, rocket ships, trackers, even hovering skateboards. There's probably not a thing he can't build.

Snake: Otacon, if you start if off with that nerd talk...

Otacon: I have to meet him. If I can talk to him for one hour, I bet I can convince him to build something for you to use. Whaddaya say,

Snake, will you invite him over after the match?

Snake: ...Talk to me AFTER he's done trying to knock me off the stage.


Snake:"That echidna just broke that boulder."

Colonel:"That has to be Knuckles, guardian of the master emerald."

Snake:"Any connection to Sonic, because he just shook hands with him?"

Colonel:"He is Sonic's friend and rival at the same time."

Snake:"What's his battle style?"

Colonel:"Well, he's very strong, can climb and attack from underground."

Snake:"Sounds like a brute."

Colonel:"Don't take him lightly."

Snake:"Not gonna happen, because I have a surprise for him. He has to come out of the ground someday."

sonic the werehog

Snake:"Otacon, what the heck happened to Sonic?"

Otacon:"Hm, oh, nothing. That's just his Werehog transformation."


Otacon:"Yeah. You see, Sonic was trapped in an experiment by his arch nemesis, Dr. Eggman."


Otacon:"Yeah, that experiment awakened a beast known as Dark Gaia, who is empowered at night and sometimes makes people do weird things at night. Sonic turns into the Werehog at night because he has fallen under Dark Gaia's influence. But because he's too strong to lose his mind to Dark Gaia, he simply turns into the Werehog. Even though Dark Gaia's been forced to go back to sleep, rumor has it that Sonic learned how to transform into the Werehog at will just for this series."

Snake:"...Huh? I still don't like him though."

Otacon:"Oh Snake."

metal sonic

Otacon:"Watch out Snake, that's Metal Sonic."

Snake:"Great, a metal version of that blue guy? When will this hedgehog craze end?"

Otacon:"Sonic's arch nemesis, Dr. Eggman, created Metal Sonic to destroy the real Sonic. But Metal Sonic got a mind of his own. He can copy other people's data and use their moves against them, and he can turn into a huge, robotic monster."

Snake:"What kind of a name is 'Dr. Eggman'?"

Otacon:"His real name is Dr. Robotnik, I don't know why he calls himself Eggman."


banjo kazooie Note:Snake has dialed the wrong number and called Bottles by mistake. Bottles converses in the squeaks and sounds from the Banjo-Kazooie games. Snake can't understand him, keep that in mind.


Snake:"Who is this?"

Bottles:"This is Bottles."

Snake:"I can't understand what you're saying. If you can understand me, I need some information about this weird bear who keeps a bird in a backpack."

Bottles:"Oh, the bear is named Banjo and the bird is named Kazooie. They work together as a team and that's why Kazooie rides around in Banjo's backpack, so she's always ready to assist Banjo if he needs it."

Snake:"Uhh...I'm sorry, I must have the wrong number."


Snake:"Hey, it's Megaman!"

Colonel:"Yes, Megaman is a robot that was originally designed to be a worker, but was turned into a fighter. Fans have clamored for years to have Megaman join the series. His abilities include a weapon copy and an arm cannon. Also, as Hyper Megaman, he can fly and fire missiles."

Snake:"Huh, ta challenge..."

Colonel:"Don't tell me you're having second thoughts, Snake."

Snake:"Nothing doing, Colonel. I'm actually looking forward to it."

ty the tasmanian tiger

note snake has dialed the wrong number and has called julius by mistake

julius- greetings mate

snake- sorry wrong number.but since i have you on the line can you tell me anything about a tiger carrying boomerangs

julius- not a problem mate. that is ty the tasmanian tiger

snake- tasmanian tiger i thought they were extinct

julius- quite the opposite actually. you see ty's family was trapped in the dream world by boss cass. and ty himself was raised by bilbies.

snake- i don't need a history lesson i need combat info

julius- very well ty is well know for his use with many types of boomerangs that i invented. he also has a powerful bite. id say the best offense is a good defense

snake- thanks over and out

julius- quite right mate

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