this is a list of all the music in all the stages if there is a theme or tune you want tell me and i might put it in

all stage music from ssb ssbm and ssbb is in the game

all stage music from ssb and ssbm is already unlocked

all unlockable music from ssbb needs to be unlocked in this game as well

stages and music- music themes in bold mean they need to be unlocked by completeing a challenge or finding a cd in adventure mode

final destination new music

super mario galaxy fate of the universe

tales of symphonia fighting of the spirit

final fantasy VIII music- liberi fatali

Tales of The Abyss Akward Justice

battlefield new music

tales of symphonia wilderness of sadness

river city ransom boss theme

mushroomy kingdom new music

super mario rpg rawest forest

yoshi star theme

green hill zone new music

endless possibilites orchastrated

live and learn full version

planet mario music

super mario galaxy red star powerup

ducktales the moon theme

megaman's stage music

dr wily's stage theme

megaman 2 opening theme

megaman 4 title theme

megaman 3 dr wily stage 1&2

spyro's stage

crash's stage

gruntilda's castle

rainbow road music

rainbow road theme wii

rainbow road theme gamecube

rainbow road theme snes

rainbow road theme 64

rainbow road theme ds

bowser's castle music

bowser boss theme super mario bros 3

bowser castle theme super mario bros

bowser boss theme mario 64

bowser's final battle theme super mario galaxy

medusa's bay

cannon's core

I am all of me shadow the hedgehog

all hail shadow shadow the hedgehog

scrap brain zone

what i'm made of sonic heroes

scrap brain zone theme

crocodile isle

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