all items from the first three games reappear

item list

crate- brawl version

rolling crate

capsule- brawl version

barrel- brawl version


bob-omb- brawl version

fire flower- brawl version

green shell- brawl version

hammer- brawl version

red shell- melee version

starman- brawl version

beam sword- brawl version

home run bat- brawl version

motion sensor bomb- brawl version

bumper- brawl version

fan- brawl version

pokeball- brawl version

star rod- brawl version

maxium tomato- brawl version

heart container- brawl version

ray gun- brawl version

barrel cannon

bunny hood- brawl version

cloaking device


food- brawl version

freezie- brawl version

lip's stick- brawl version

mr saturn- brawl version


party ball- brawl version

poison mushroom- brawl version

screw attack- brawl version

super mushroom- brawl version

super scope- brawl version

warp star- brawl version

assist trophy

banana peel

blast box

cracker launcher

deku nut

dragoon parts

franklin badge

golden hammer

gooey bomb


lightning bolt



smart bomb

smash ball

smoke ball

soccer ball


superspicy curry

team healer



new items

volt shroom- type indirect , attribute offensive when touched it causes the player who touched it to emit electricity and cause electric damage to any opponent they touch

sleepy sheep- type indirect, attribute defensive when thrown at an opponent it puts them to sleep if the item hits them the opponent stays asleep for 10 seconds

goomba shoe- type direct, attribute offensive When used it causes 5 percent damage to any opponent you jump on. By jump on I don't mean footstool jump just regular jumps

bomb boo- type direct attack attribute explosive when it appears it will wander the field before exploding after 10 seconds when the player grabs the bomb boo he or she will swing it around them if the boo hits an opponent or breakable object it will explode. It will explode after 12 seconds when grabbed. Pressing the attack button will cause the bomb boo to be thrown forward or backward depending if it was in front of or behind the player

plunger- type direct attack attribute offensive The plunger is a basic bludgeoning item except for two key traits that are unique to it. 1.When you throw the plunger, you throw it as if it were a spear. 2.If the flying plunger(a plunger that is thrown) hits a wall, it will stick to the wall. You will be able to use a plunger that is stuck on a wall as a makeshift trampoline. Meaning that you can bounce off of it.

assist trophies

ones removed


mr resseti

shadow- now a playable character

waluigi- now a playable character

lyn- now a playable character

new assist trophies

dr eggman- type offensive, range meduim, ko potential medium

eggman appears in his eggpood swinging a wrecking ball 360 degrees. The wrecking ball does moderated damage and has moderate knockback

silver the hedgehog- type passive, range long, ko potential none

silver the hedgehog causes all opponents controls to be reversed. While he cannot cause a ko he can force an opponent into a self inflicted ko if the opponent can't recover from the control switch

mii's- type offensive, range medium, ko potential vairies between number of mii's

mii's charge across the screen from the left side to the right. Each mii that touches an opponent does 5 percent of damage to the opponent the mii is a unique assist trophy that does more damage the more mii's you have on your wii. If you have no mii's saved in your wii then 20 default miis will charge across the screen.

He is a mii list and the ko potential

20 mii's ko potental- none

50 mii's ko potential low

70 mii's ko potential medium

100 mii's ko potential high

200 mii's ko potential- instant ko

Mumbo Jumbo type passive, range long, ko potential none

Description:Stands in the background and chants an incantaion. The fighter who called him out will either grow or shrink. The opponents will then shrink if the fighter grows. Or grow if the fighter shrinks

Blooper type distraction range long ko potental none

Description:Spits ink at the camera and obscures your view.

Boo type passive range long ko potental low

Description:Sneaks up behind opponents and grabs them from behind. Opponents must struggle to break free.

Chain Chomp type offensive range short ko potental moderate

Description:Secured to the floor and bites at passing opponents.

Rambi type offensive range medium ko potental moderate

Description:Runs around and rams opponents with his horn.

Big Top type distraction range medium ko potential none

Description:Performs a play-by-play of the match via a text box. Acts as a distraction. Text box covers part of the screen

Kamek type passive range long ko potental none

Description:Flies around on a broom and scatters spell dust. The dust has random effects on all players the players may grow or shrink. Become metal or turn invisible. Or get a bunny hood or flower on their head kamek looks like he did in super mario world 2 yoshi's island

pokeballs all pokeball pokemon from the first three games appear except for charizard blastoise and venusaur

mew celebi and jirachi don't drop cd stickers or trophies as those collectible items no longer appear with the exception of cd's. Cd's arent dropped by mew celebi or jirachi. Each pokemon just gives you and extra ko point, if your playing free for all, an extra stock life if your playing a stock match or classic mode, or 1000 coins if your playing a coin match

new pokeball pokemon

arceus- chance of appearing 1 in 493 ko potential instant ko

arceus does judgement on one random opponent. The attack can't be evaded and insantly ko's the opponent. Doesn't attack the one who summoned it

ditto- chance of appearing low

ditto transforms into any of the pokeball pokemon with the exception of arceus mew celebi jirachi and manaphy and does that pokeball pokemon's attack

Pokemon:Castform chance of appearing moderate

Move:Either Sunny Day or Rain Dance Sunny Day Description:If Castform uses Sunny Day, he'll change into his "sunny" form(he turns orange and resembles the sun) and sunlight on the stage will increase. This also effects certain attacks. If an attack uses fire elements(such as Charizard's Flamethrower or Captain Falcon's Falcon Punch) or grass elements(Such as Ivysaur's Bullet Seed), their power is increased. If an attack uses water elements(such as Squirtle's Waterfall), their power is decreased.

Rain Dance Description:If Castform uses Rain Dance, he changes into his "rainy" form(he turns blue and resembles a water droplet). If an attack uses water elements and electrical elements(such as Pikachu's Thunder Jolt and Ness' PK Thunder), their power is increased. If an attack uses fire elements, their power is decreased.

Pokemon:Plusle chance of appearing moderate

Move:Helping Hand

Description:Plusle stands in the background and cheers for the fighter who called him out. That fighter has their special moves and throws do double damage until Plusle disappears. Plusle lasts 15 seconds

Pokemon:Minun chance of appearing moderate

Move:Helping Hand

Description:Minun stands in the background and cheers for the fighter who called him out. That fighter has their normal moves and smash attacks do double damage until Minun disappears. Minun lasts 15 seconds

Pokemon:Xatu chance of apperaring moderate

Move:Future Sight

Description:Xatu appears, exclaims "Xatu" and disappears. 20 seconds after Xatu disappears, a glowing orb strikes a random fighter(not the one who called him out).

Pokemon:Kingler chance of appearing moderate

Move:Crab Hammer

Description:Kingler attacks opponents with the larger of his two claws.

Pokemon:Caterpie chance of appearing high

Move:String Shot

Description:Caterpie fires string at an opponent. While this attack does no damage, it does slow down any fighter it hits.

Pokemon:Geodude chance of appearing low

Move:Brick Break

Description:Geodude swings his arms wildly, bashing opponents with his fists. This attack can break through shields and stun opponents.

Pokemon:Ludicolo chance of appearing high


Description:Ludicolo dances around on stage trying to call attention to himself.

Pokemon:Rhyperior chance of appearing low

Move:Rock Wrecker

Description:Rhyperior fires rocks out of the holes in his palms. He will occasionally fires a Geodude by accident.

Pokemon:Tropius chance of appearing moderate


Description:Tropius flies around dropping berries into the arena. These berries can be eaten to restore health.

Pokemon:Bastiodon chance of appearing low

Move:Iron Head

Descripiton:Bastiodon's head glows white. He then bashes opponents with his head. Powerful attack with high KO potential.

Pokemon:Aerodactyl chance of appearing low

Move:Giga Impact

Description:Yellow-orange covers Aerodactyl's body. He then rams opponents.

Pokemon:Chatot chance of appearing low


Description:Chatot flies around the stage screaming the name of the character who called him out(for example, if Sonic calls him out he'll yell "SONIC!") at opponents. In addition to doing minor damage, an opponent will have their controls reversed temporarily.

Pokemon:Rampardos chance of appearing low

Move:Head Smash

Description:Rampardos smashes opponents with his head. Does major damage.

Pokemon:Vespiquen chance of appearing low

Move:Attack Order, Defend Order or Heal Order(chosen at random)

Attack Order Description:Vespiquen flies around bashing opponents with her abdomen.

Defense Order Description:Vespiquen hovers in front of the fighter who called her out and reflects projectiles.

Heal Order Description:Vespiquen hovers over the head of the fighter who called her out and heals 50 damage

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