new classic mode

level's 15 not counting the target smash levels

level 1

mario, luigi, peach, bowser, bowser jr or shadow mario.

they won't be metal giant or on a team sometimes two verses two

stages- mushroomy kingdom, luigi's mansion, isle delfino,  peach's castle or bowser's castle

level 2

link, zelda, shiek, or ganondorf

they won't be metal, two verses two on a team. might be giant

stages- bridge of eldin termina bay or pirate ship

level 3

donkey kong, diddy kong, king k.rool, or yoshi

they won't be metal. might be giant, team or two verse two

stages- 75m, rumble falls or yoshi's island

level 4

samus, zero suit samus or ridley

won't be giant, or two versus two. Might be metal or team

stages- norfair or frigate orpheon

level 5

kirby, meta knight, or dedede

won't be metal. Might be team giant or two verses two

stages- halberd, green greens or fountain of dreams

level 6

fox, falco, wolf or krystal

might be metal giant team or two verses two

stages lylat criuse or corneria

level 7

marth, ike, lyn, or ness  

won't be two verses two. might be giant metal or team.

stage- castle siege or onett


target smash

level 8

pikachu, ivysaur squirtle charizard lucario mewtwo or jigglypuff

might be metal giant team or two verses two

stages- spear pillar or pokemon stadium 2

level 9

wario, waluigi, or geno

might be metal giant team or two verses two

stages- wario ware or pictochat

level 10

sonic, tails knuckles, shadow, or metal sonic

won't be metal. Might be giant team or two verses two

stages- green hill zone, scrap brain zone or cannon's core

level 11

pit, ice climbers, r.o.b or mr game & watch, 

might be metal giant team or two verses two

stages- flat zone 2, skyworld, mario bros or infinite glaciar

level 12

captain falcon, black shadow, megaman or snake

won't be two verses two. might be metal giant or team

stages- shadow moses island, or port town areo dive

level 13

spyro, crash,  or banjo kazooie

won't be two verse two. might be team metal or giant

stages- gruntilda's castle, spyro's stage, crash's stage or medusa bay. note i need ideas for spyro and crash stages


target smash

level 14

one verses three. Any three opponents

stage- battefield

level 15

master hand fight. Also fight crazy hand if your reach level 20 in under 12 minutes on any difficulty

stage final destination

Allstar mode

Most characters attack in groups(i.e., all the Mario characters). If a character has two forms(Samus and Zero Suit Samus, Zelda and Sheik, Sonic the Hedgehog and Sonic the Werehog), both forms must be fought. When you fight the Pokemon characters, you must defeat all 3 of the Trainers' Pokemon. all the matches are fought at random(like in Melee). You also get 5 heart containers for both solo and coop all star mode

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