Super Smash Bros. Mayhem is a fictional game made by XPeaceChill. Please do not edit this article.



B: Fireball

B>: Cape

B Down: FLUDD, different now because when Mario's in a hot climate, FLUDD's water will burn the enemy. And if the climate is cold, the water will freeze the enemy. If the battle is indoors, the water will do the same as it did in Brawl.

B^: Super Coin Punch. If in a coin battle, Mario will steal 5 coins, with a 10% chance of stealing 10.

Final Smash: 8 Bit Mario. Mario grows huge and takes on the form of 8 Bit Mario. Simply walking around will damage enemies.

Taunts: 1. Jumps in the air and says "Woohoo!" 2. Gives thumbs up towards the screen and nods head. 3. Puts hand in the air and says "Let's-a-go!"


B: Arrows, small chance of Fire Arrows.

B>: Boomerang

B Down: Bombs. Small chance of Big Bomb.

B^: Triforce Uppercut. Link grabs the Triforce of Courage and throws it into the air directly above him. Returns to him in aprrox. 5 seconds.

Final Smash: Wolf Link. Link turns into Wolf Link like Samus changes into Zero Suit Samus. Link gains a whole new moveset until he grabs another smash ball.

Taunts: 1. Throws Triforce in the air and catches it. 2. Quickly juggles rupees. 3. Slashes at the air

Wolf Link* (With Midna now on back)

B: Biting Lunge. Wolf Link dashes forward until hhe hits a target and bites hard

B>: Midna Hand. Midna's large, red hand comes out and grabs an oppenent, then smashin him to the ground. Midna's hand is also Wolf Link's grab, with directional variations.

B Down: Dig. Like Zelda's telepot, Wolf Link digs a small hole in the ground, and quickly reappears nearby. If in the air, it won't work.

B^: Claw Flip. WL flips in the air, with claws extended, making nasty scratches.

Final Smash: Turns back into Link.

Taunts: 1. Looks up and does a wolf cry. 2. Growls 3. Runs around chasing his tail


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Donkey Kong*

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Mr. Game and Watch

Coming Soon


In SSB Mayhem, Roy makes a comeback, and returns to the crew!


Coming Soon

Pokemon Trainer*

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Solid Snake

Coming Soon

Sonic the Hedgehog

Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Princess Zelda*

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Mewtwo also makes a comeback in mayhem!

Diddy Kong*

Coming Soon

Meta Knight*

Coming Soon

King Dedede*

Coming Soon

Captain Falcon*

Coming Soon

Toon Link

Coming Soon


Coming Soon


Coming Soon

Captain Olimar*

Coming Soon

Ice Climbers*

Coming Soon

That was the list of returning characters. The ones with "*" are characters that are available from the start. There will be a total of 64 characters, a homage to the Nintendo 64. Here are the newcomers.


Bowser Jr.

B: Fire Balls. Jr. Spits out a small stream of about 5 small fire balls. They will bounceoff the ground if used at an angle.

B>: Mini Megaleg. Bowser Jr. will send out his robot from Super Mario Galaxy. However, it is much smaller, and is controlled with a remote. Lasts a while until the bateries die. They will recharge a little bit every time Jr. deals damage to someone.

B Down: Tantrum. Similar to Donkey Kong's B Down, Jr. throws a tantrum and starts pounding the ground with his hands. This creates a small earthquake in the immediate area.

B^: Magic Paintbrush Rocket. Bowser Jr. Gets his paintbrush and sets it on fire, then throws it to the sky.

Final Smash: Shadow Mario. Jr. will transform into Shadow Mario. For a small ammount of time, the player can now use the Magic Paintbrush to paint toxic graffiti all over the stage. This will harm players on touch. Right before Bowser Jr. turns back to normal, a button combo will appear on screen. If executed correctly, Jr. will blast globs of graffiti at other players faces, dealing damage, and reversing their control for a few seconds.

Taunts: 1. Throws his paintbrush in the air and catches it. 2. Retracts into shell and spins around. 3. Folds arms.


Coming Soon


B: Mini Bob-Ombs. Waluigi grabs some mini Bob-Ombs out from his pocket and throws them. These are not as powerful as regular Bob-Ombs.

B>: Party Dice. Waluigi whips out two Mario Party Dice and throws them.

B Down: Bullet Bill Explosive. Similar to Snake's C4, Waluigi plants a Bullet Bill in the ground. When a character passes over it, a few seconds later, the Bill will come out and chase the character around until contact.

B^: Tennis Strike. Waluigi throws a pretty big tennis ball in the air, (Which will damage on contact) jumps up, and spikes it downwards with a racket. This causes the most damage of the attack.

Final Smash: Gambler. A huge Party Die covers the screen and rolls. All sides have a huge bomb on them. One side, however, is a picture of a Smley Face. If the die lands on the bomb, it will drop on the screen, hurting everyone but Waluigi. But if it lands on the Smiley, all enemies get a Mega Mushroom, a Star, and a Golden Hammer.

Taunts: 1. Waluigi chop from Super Mario Strikers. 2. Pulls out a rose and sniffs it. 3. Strokes his mustache.

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