Below is a list of new Assist Trophies for Super Smash Bros. Max

Mumbo Jumbo(Banjo-Kazooie series)

Description:Stands in the background and chants an incantaion. The fighter who called him out will either grow or shrink.



Description:Warhead moves to the back ground of the stage and shoots fireballs at fighters. He also attacks with his hands.

Blooper(Mario series)

Description:Spits ink at the camera and obscures your view.

Wolf Link and Midna

Description:Upon appearing, Wolf Link runs around and bites at opponents. Midna rides on his back.

Link midna wolf

Boo(Mario series)

Description:Sneaks up behind opponents and grabs them from behind. Opponents must struggle to break free.

Chain Chomp(Mario series)

Description:Secured to the floor and bites at passing opponents.

Rambi(Donkey Kong series)

Description:Runs around and rams opponents with his horn.

Balloon Fighter(Balloon Fight series)

Description:Floats in midair and acts as a distraction. Attacking him will pop his balloons. Two hits and he's out.


Silver the Hedgehog(Sonic series)

Description:Emits a telekinetic energy blast that throws opponents. High KO potential.

Big Top(Mario Party 8)

Description:Performs a play-by-play of the match via a text box. Acts as a distraction.

Green Ghost(Luigi's Mansion)

Description:The ghost throws banana peels onto the field.

Chara silver

Kamek(Mario series)

Description:Flies around on a broom and fires spell blasts.

Owl(Nights series)

Description:Owl appears and explains the final smash. Acts as a distraction.

Cynder(Spyro series)

Description:Moves to the background of the stage and either breathes fire or creates gusts of wind with her wings.

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