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Below is a list of events for Super smash Bros. Max

Note:The order in which these events are listed is not the order in which they will appear in the game.

  • Event:Grudge Match

Description:This takes place on the battlefield stage. You can play as either Mario or Sonic. Whichever character you use determines your opponent. If you choose Mario, you'll fight Sonic. If you choose Sonic, you'll fight Mario. This event takes place on the new Battlefield stage.

  • Event:Pokemon Battle of the Sexes

Description:This takes place on the Pokemon Stadium 2 stage. Again whichever of the two characters you choose to fight as determines your opponent. As the title suggests, this is a match between the male and female pokemon trainer. This event takes place on the Pokemon Stadium 2 stage and appears only when the Female Pokemon Trainer is unlocked.

  • Event:Psychic Revenge

Description:This event takes place on the Battlefield stage. You fight as Mewtwo and your opponent is Lucario. Essentially Mewtwo is still pissed that Lucario replaced him in Brawl. This event takes place on the Spear Pillar stage and appears only when both Mewtwo and Lucario are unlocked.

  • Event:Dark Link Duel

Description:Ahhh the ever popular "Dark Link Duel". This time around their are 2 other versions of this move that use Toon Link and Young Link. They appear only when the respective versions of Link are unlocked. All three events take place on the Bridge of Eldin stage.

  • Event:Will the real Mario please stand up?

Description:A battle between al 4 Marios(Mario, Dr. Mario, Paper Mario and Baby Mario). Choose any Mario you want. This event takes place on the Mushroomy Kingdom stage and appears only after Dr. Mario, Paper Mario and Baby Mario are unlocked.

  • Event:Reala Battle

Description:You play as NiGHTS and your opponent is NiGHTS in the Reala alternate costume. This event takes place on the Bomamba's Lair stage and appears only after NiGHTS has been unlocked.

  • Event:Sonic vs. Shadow rematch

Description:You play as Sonic and you must defeat Shadow in a standard match. This event takes place on the Cannon's Core stage and appears only when Shadow has been unlocked.

  • Event:Child's Play

Description:You play as Baby Mario and your opponent is Bowser Jr.. This event takes place on the Baby Park stage and appears only when both Baby Mario and Bowser Jr. have been unlocked.

  • Event:Who's Faster?

Description:You play as Captain Falcon on the Mushroomy Kingdom stage. Your objective is to beat Sonic the Hedgehog to the end.

  • Event:Scrambled Eggs

Description:You play as Yoshi on Yoshi's Island and your opponents are Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Meowth. Essentially, you must KO each of them while they are encased in Yoshi's eggs. This only appears after both Jigglypuff and Meowth are unlocked.

  • Event:Fossil Feud

Description:You play as Bio Rex and your opponent is a different Bio Rex. The stage is Yoshi's Island and the only items that will appear are recovery items, Smash Balls and Pokeballs. All the Pokeballs contain either Aerodactyl, Bastiodon or Rampardos. This only appears when Bio Rex is unlocked.

  • Event:Hedgehog vs. Werehog

Description:You play as either Sonic the Hedgehog or Sonic the Werehog. If you play as the hedgehog, your opponent will be the werehog, and vice versa. The stage is Scrap Brain Zone and transforming is strictly prohibited.

  • Event:Kong Kreming Khaos

Description:This event takes place on the Crocodile Isle Stage. As King K. Rool, you must defeat each of the Kongs in this order Donkey, Diddy, Chunky, Dixie and Lanky. Oh and you only have 5 minutes. This event appears when Chunky Kong, Dixie Kong, Lanky Kong and King K. Rool have been unlocked.

  • Event:IT'S MINE!

Description:This event takes place on the stage of your choice. You play as Wario and your partner is Waluigi. Your opponents are Mario and Luigi. This is a coin match and the first team to collect a total of 2,000 coins wins. This event appears when Luigi and Waluigi have both been unlocked.

  • Event:Two-Dimensional Turmoil

Description:This event takes place on the Flat Zone 2 stage. You play as either Mr. Game & Watch or Paper Mario. Whichever one you don't pick will be your opponent. It's a standard 2-stock match. This event appears after rboth Mr. Game & Watch and Paper Mario are unlocked.

  • Event:Casanova Chaos

Description:This event takes place on the Lylat Cruise stage. You play as Fox and you must protect Krystal from Panther and his "intentions". This event appears when both Krystal and Panther are unlocked.

  • Event: Team Silver

Description: This event takes place on a random stage. You play as Wario and you fight against Mew, Meowth and Pikachu. You have to protect Waluigi and defeat 7 waves of the opponents you face. You gain more minuites as you complete each waves. On the 7th wave, you instead fight King K. Rool or Bowser.

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